Wednesday, September 2, 2015


 Yaay! am so happy to be back, clearing cobwebs, my sweethearts, i am sorry, no am sorry is not enough but i am really sorry, life has been going on a fast track for me, i have had a lot on my plate lately that i feel 24hours is not enough, Msc, new job e.t.c but i promise am back for real, i will try as much as possible not to neglect this space and then i have learnt, self discipline is key, one cannot achieve anything without it, enough of me already, how is everyone?? i know have missed a lot and i really will catch up, a big thanks to everyone that checked on me and encouraged me, before i write an epistle, let's go straight to the post.
  Do you know that it is not perfect make up, good cloth, or good body structure e.t.c that makes one beautiful, yes those physical things add up, they make you look good, but they are not true definition of beauty, if you wrap a delicious chocolate in a dirty and unattractive wrapper, no one will take a look at it not to talk of opening it, thats the importance of looking good on the outside, because it serves as the point of attraction.

 But it is inward beauty that can keep the attraction burning, do you know there is what is called inward beauty??  Inward beauty in terms of character, intelligence  and dilligence, as women of purpose and women of virtue, we most almost long to improve ourself, learn new things, be creative, learn to be nice, it is very important, even if you are not, try it often and then you will see that it comes easy, be respectful,be God fearing, value relationships and always keep to promise, just learn to be of good behaviour always, it won't cost you anything but it will add a lot to you because you never can tell who is watching and smile always it makes you beautiful.

  So, always strife to be beautiful inside out, because when the outward beauty fades, the inward beauty will be there to Compliment you, thanks for stopping by, please share with someone *smiles* 


  1. Great post have missed you.. Thanks to God for the testimony.
    I am beautifullll.

  2. Welcome back dear.

  3. great to have you back!!!

  4. Glad to have u back dear.

  5. Are you serious? Derbie is that you??? OMG! Welcome back!!!! You owe us a post - The versatile blogger award. Remember?

    Glory to God for your new job. Plenty money something-something. *grins*


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