Tuesday, March 31, 2015


    Hello everyone? how is everyone doing? i know everyone is anxious to know
 the results of the presidential elections, i am not so anxious anymore, i just want 
Inec to declare the winner so that our dear country will go back to how it was 
before all this election brouhaha started.
   I don't know how many of us has heard the common saying "True love is blind", 
this saying has mislead some people to starting what they cannot finish, 
some people just start a relationship with this believe then mid way they 
start losing what they feel

    a whole lot of people just don't know the different between this three feelings, but 
    that will be post for another day.
  Below are facts or pointers to evaluate true love;
     True love is a gradual process
     True love grows and does not just happen
     Love at first sight is not true love
     True love develops with knowing each other   
     You don't fall in true love but you grow in true lovew
     True love is kind and not deceitful
     True love does not seek personal gain
     True love is enduring and understanding
     True love waits
        And the bible says it all in 1Corithians 13; 4-8
       so when it comes to true love consciously or unconsciously you choose who 
you love, because as you get to know eachother the love either grows or diminish 
based on who the other person is and how the person makes you feel, so the next 
time you see that plain lady with that handsome dude, don't say true love is blind 
just know that she makes him feel special and he appreciates having her.

Monday, March 30, 2015


     Hello my darling readers, i know i have been MIA, am so sorry about that, 
   but yours truly went to work as one of INEC's ad-hoc staff and believe me, the work
   took all my weekend, it was so stressful because Nigerians were not patient enough,
   everyone wants to be served at the same time, forgetting that the person attending to 
    them ain't no machine, i know i have missed a lot, how is everyone doing? oya gist me
    about your weekend in the comment section, did you vote? and who did you vote 
   for Transformation or change?, i would have voted for transformation but i didn't 
    vote because i was working.
      So what brought about today's vote was what i observed during the elections,
    as human beings of course in all ways we need money, so we must love money,      
    but we must not be obsessed with money.

    Some people love money to the extent that they can jeopardize anything for money,
  i saw some Nigerian youths waiting to sell their votes to the highest bidder and i was afraid 
  for the future of our dear Nigeria, how can you sell your right of decision making for money????
     Some people this days even do all sort for money e.g prostitution, drug trafficking, 
   internet scams, thuggery e.t.c all this things will in the long run tell on their future. 
   Why will you love money  more than yourself? Why sell your future for money? 
   Stop been covetous, Stop letting money rule your life, Stop the money Obsession 
    and just work hard and be patient and watch everything you want in life fall into place.  

   For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money,
   have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs
   1TIMOTHY 6;10

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hello! Hello! Hello!, i can't believe its thursday already, this week is running pretty fast mhen, i looking forward to the weekend because I want the election to be done and over with, am tired of the dramas and the calling outs that has characterized the presidential campaigns. So for your advice and contributions on how the blog can be better, do contact me: ayanbajoajibike7957 @ gmail.com
  Many of us young people have great and amazing ideas but we just keep it to ourselves and be like I will start tomorrow or I don't have the necessary things in place, I was once like that too but I saw the negative effects so I had to adjust and cultivate the habit of been a go- getter and its been better of so when this article was sent to me I could totally relate. Why wait till tomorrow? Why not start now? Read and enjoy
The human mind is not attuned to big changes. That's why everything on the path to mastery is quasi-static .....and that's why it needs to be mastered over a period of time. I call it process prognosis.
    Many things in nature follow this process: The rising and setting of the sun is seemingly quasi- static unless you take your time to follow its procession.
The clockwork follows short little ticks as time mounts up and moves in space. The strategy behind this is a needful information you should consider;
If many things obey the law of time, then why not start early so you can get ahead of the crowd.
To be ahead of your peers, you need
  Speed of choices
  Speed of thoughts
  Speed of plans and movement
In a lay man's tongue...whatever you want to do in life....START NOW! MAKE A MOVE TODAY.
If you don't start now, then when?
If you don't do it today, then who will?
Start slow but move fast!
Tiny drops eventually make an Ocean, but the earlier the drop starts and the faster the drop, the sooner the Ocean appears.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


   Hello everyone, how did your day go? so this post has been on my mind 
    for a while but something happened this evening that made me write this post.
  so my friend and i went to see this man for help on a particular issues,
 after we had told the man what we wanted, the man was turned to my friend 
 and was like i will help you but you have to help me too by dating me, in my mind
 i was like what rubbish, but my friend even now scoped the man that help me first 
 and we will talk about that later, but the man was like No, i want to eat you, i was
 so pissed because right on his finger was his wedding band, me and my friend just
 left the man since he refused to help until he has his way
  so the scene got me thinking, can't a lady ask a  married man for help without 
paying with her body? can't this men help a lady to be successful without ulterior
 motives? come to think of it most of these men have beautiful wives and 
good homemakers, what else do they want? didn't they  remember their marriage 
vows before God and man, don't they have conscience?
  As a woman of virtue i can't compromise my values for material gains, so does it 
mean me and other people like me can't find favor in the sight of this wicked men? 
God really has to touch the heart of some of Nigerian married men.  what do you think? 
 drop your comment and lets talk.


          Hello dearies, am so excited mehn, its the second edition of Inspiration
          Wednesday,am so excited that the month is gradually going to an end
          and payday is near. And am so happy about the progress of LIFE'S DIARY.
pic source; goggle
                                           Life is a gift,
                                           Life is a journey,
                                           Life is an Opportunity
                                           Life is a challenge
pic source- goggle

                    Life comes with its own share of ups and downs but our ability to
                    hang in there and never lose hope is what makes us a better person
                    and a victor.
                    In whatever situation when there is life there is hope, never ever lose
                    hope,  just work towards overcoming your challenges in faith.

pic source- goggle
                    Like pamela wrote yesterday never think of harming yourself, suicide
                    is no option, pray often and be positive and all will fall in place in due
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Monday, March 23, 2015


Whoop! Whoop *dancing*...M so excited about today's post, hello everyone, how are you doing? How is the day going??? Well today's post was written by someone so dear to me and he asked me to share. But he likes to be anonymous, In the light of what is happening in Nigeria presently he was inspired to write this, Enjoy!
   This is the first time in the past years I feel the upcoming election is tensed. No candidate is certain of glory and I think citizens now have the mentality that they have the power from now till the election day.
Your Obligation is to vote your values and you don't owe anybody contrary to beliefs. Value your life and say no to violence and shedding of blood.
There are two things involved, either we continue with the present status of government or it is changed. Only God knows which one.
Vote who you know has the right values!
Don't sell your vote!
If you refuse to vote, then you've sold your right!
If you vote in the wrong person, then you've also sold your right
Make a choice with your PVC!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

TALK 101

Hello everyone...hw is everyone doing? Am sorry for not posting for a couple of days, I had so much on my plate this weekend and m grateful it all worked out well. Happy Sunday people!
  The effect of what we say to people cannot be underestimated, the things we say can either make or mar the next person but so many people do not understand it. Whether physically or online I feel we must not let our words bring the next person down, y say something that will make the next person feel less of human? Y not use your words to put a smile on another person's face.
  Even in our relationship the way we talk to our spouse matters a lot, sweet words they say could bring cola from the pocket, as ladies we should learn to speak life into our partner, we should use our words to support our man and encourage him and then when at any point u feel offended, talk to him and let him know how you feel.
     Talk is an effective tool to make someone happy and express how you feel to anyone, use it positively and not otherwise. Have a lovely week ahead people. Thanks for reading .

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Yipeee ladies get in here, u knw av gat ya backs anytime right? Okay how is everyone doing, m glad to be here again.
So on today's post am going to be talking about 5 things we should look out for in a spouse as Ladies, when I read chronicles of women who are suffering in their marriages, I get goose bumps seeing how people who are suppose to be their better half, maltreat them.so let's get straight to the matter;
He MUST be God fearing
   Yes, he must be God fearing, he must love God and  fear God,  because if he does, he will love and treat you right, the fear of God will make him obey God's word, and the word of God clearly state that he should love and cherish you Ephesians 5:25:28, he will do things he can't do in his natural human instinct for you because he is tuned to God, his heart will be so tender because he loves and obey God and some things are just a no go area for him because of his love for God, so this is the ist and most important feature anyone must look out for in a spouse.
Of course love is the basis for all we are talking about, he must love and cherish you, he must love having you around, his love must be patient, kind, and not be self seeking 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 NIV . You must be the Apple of his eyes.
  The fit is important too, Are your goals complimentary??, are you guys looking in the same direction? Do u guys agree on important issues pertaining to the two of you, cause after the romance wears out when you guys are married, you ll want to go back to achieving your dreams and if you find yourself with someone that is nt in agreement with you, you ll consider him an hindrance rather than help, make sure your lifestyle and every other thing fits
This for me is another important thing, remember we ladies as the wife have to submit? He can one submit to an irresponsible man? That is why one has to consider a responsible man when looking out for a spouse, he must be someone who's got his act together, he must be able to provide, preside and protect, he must be someone who knows what he is doing and sets his priorities right, he must be someone you can trust and submit to.
    This will go a long way in affecting you when u eventually marry him so u av to make sure to get this right, what's he made of??? Does he possess character? wisdom? Compassion? Integrity? Honesty? Or does he av anger issues? Is he violent? How is his relationship with his family? His friend? How does he treat that sales attendant or the people that attend to him in public places? Am sure if you rate him with the answers to this questions, you ll know his character.
  Thanks for reading, do share what you feel in the comment section and remember to share someone might need this.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hello everyone,how is the week going??? From the depth of heart am saying thank you to all the readers of LIFE'S DIARY, the love and encouragement I receive daily makes me want to do more.
     So as a new feature to the blog, we will the having inspirational Wednesday, on Wednesdays I will the bringing images with quotes just to inspire or help someone to be better and it promises to be amazing. So this will be the ist feature and its about being yourself.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello dearies! He is everyone doing??? Hw was the weekend? Mine was boring as I practically used it to sleep, eat and sleep some more except the lil cleaning up I had to do in my closet on Sunday.
  I have come to understand that the more you grow in the human race the greater the challenges of life you face, this understanding has helped me to view life in a different dimension.
I have learnt that in all situations in life one has to be thankful, what is that is that thing that seem like a challenge to you??? Is it loneliness,being broke,joblessness,no better half? or what could it be, cultivate the habit of giving thanks to God in that situation and you will see him work in a miraculous way in your situation.
Instead of worrying so much, instead of feeling depressed  to the extent of thinking of harming yourself, why not just give thanks in that situation, and leave the rest to God. Even if you feel you dn't av any reason to be thankful, look around you, on the street, in the hospital in the prisons etc am sure you ll av a reason to be thankful
When everything is going in the right direction give thanks and when it isn't just give thanks and be patient that way life ll be a lot more easier and you will always find yourself more happy than sad.
When I feel hurt deep within and I can't talk to anyone abt it, all I do is reflect on all that is going on well in my life and give thanks.
   Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6 NIV

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Yaaaay, am so happy to be here again, mhen the hustle of life is tight....happy Sunday Dearie's and this is going to be a short post cos I just want to appreciate all the amazing mothers in the world.
Here we are saying Happy mothers day to all the wonderful mothers in the world and am saying a special shoutout to my mum, she is the best thing that I own, she is priceless and wonderful and she would give anything to ensure her children's comfort. Happy mother's day to Mrs Adetutu Ayanbajo, God bless you and elongate your life IJN
So all I wish today is to be a wonderful mother to my kids when I have them, I wish to bring them up in the way of the Lord and above all teach them to be the best they can be, So help me God. Amen
Thanks for reading, Say something wonderful to your mum in the comment section.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Hallo everyone, u guys are amazing mhen, the love have received from all my readers is what kips me going, thanks so much dearies, God bless  you guys abundantly, so this week has bin a less stressful one for me, cos av not bin going to work since yday cos i av to put some tins in place. i ll gist u guys later on it sha
So on the post today, we ll examine some mistakes we ladies make at our own detriment, get yourself a glass of juice as you read cos it going to be interesting
    Because you love him, he does nt know God or love God and you feel you would influence him to change later??he will not change, never tink you can change anyone bcos no one can except God, nd if a man does nt know God, he can never knw how to treat you right, a man without God is nothing, a man without God is a man any Lady can do without, because he is of no use and in the kingdom of God we don't cross bread 2corithians 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?
   A preacher once said d way ladies and guys see sex is different, he said guys don't see any emotional attachment in sex, that is y a guy could have multiple sex partner and nt feel anything for any of them, dats y he could do anyone dat comes his way, dear ladies the fact that he is having sex with you does not mean he loves you, never use sex as a yardstick for love cos they don't always work together, see 2Samuel:13:1-22, Amnon loved Tamar so much that he fell ill but after he laid with her, the love turned to hatred, that is just a perfect example dat Sex is nt Love.
He is not married to you, you live with him, cook his meals, wash his clothes, clean his house and warm his bed and you complain he has engaged u for years with no sign of wedding yet, who will buy the cow if he gets to milk it for free????? I guess no one right, how can he marry you wen u are doing everything for him even before he marries you, there is virtually nothing new he ll look out for, so that's y he is delaying the wedding ring, stop giving him husband benefits and he ll do the right thing.
So because he has promised to marry you, you live your life for him, you just stop pursuing your dream, you shut frnds, relative that he does nt like out of your life, you love watever he loves and hate whatever he hates??? Common ladies it does nt work that way, you have to live for yourself,do what rocks your boat,pursue your dreams, get a life and he ll love you more.
He gets angry at every little thing and when he is angry, he could be violent like slap or hit you, nd you jes hang in there bcos you love him, he can drink for Africa, smoke 2packs of cigarette in a day, spend the weekend out with is guys and you fink wen he marries you he ll change, NO he won't, you have to run as fast as your leg can carry you, or you ll have to run later after marriage when he has broken one of your arm or when you wash his hangover vomits every night, DO NOT ignore the warnings  to save yourself a lot of stress later in life.
You are all over his is space, you call him every second, every minute, you want to know what nd where he is all the time, you want to knw who he talks with and why, all his friends must go through your scrutiny, yoy snoop in his cell phones and Social sites and you don't just give him breathing space.... NO, Being excessively over protected is a total TURN OFF, give him breathing space, let him live his life while you live yours,if he loves you he won't be doing what he knws you don't like and if you love him, trust him.
I don't have a choice???
You do have many choices, it just takes patience, never think you don't have a choice and therefore settle for less than what you deserve.
Thanks for reading do share your thoughts and let's communicate in the comment section.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello Dearies ! He are you and how did your weekend go? Oya drop d gist in the comment section, as for me, my weekend was work filled no time to turn up at all.
So on today's post we are going to be talking abt the spirit of FEAR
   Fear is the feeling or condition of being afraid. Fear  prevents us from trying out new things.
The Fear of losing, making mistakes, failures ,embarrassment e.t.c saps you of your strength and limits you from achieving your goals.
Never Fear! Be free to make mistakes, be free to try out new things, Never let the fear of failure nt make you try, be free to make things right. If you want to do something, do it and do not let fear paralyse you
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of  failure- Bill Cosby
The only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your feet- Nadia Comaneci
For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, of power and of a sound mind- 2Timothy 1:7

Friday, March 6, 2015


Hello everyone, m so sorry I cudn't put up the remaining part of the post yday, thanks to you all for your love and contribution on the ARE YOU LOVEABLE 1 post, special thanks to Ugo, Cherries, Wale and maami Tibs, God bless you guys plenty.
So here is d concluding part of those things you must put in place before you can love and be loved
  Be beautiful inside out
The secret to this is knowing the source of real beauty which is God through his word the holy bible, have you ever seen an handsome man with a plain looking woman, if u av the chance to ask him what he finds attractive about her, he would most certainly tell u hw sweet she is and how wonderful she makes him feel, the secret behind it is nt far fetched check Proverbs 31:10-31, A virtuous woman, she brings good to him, she is hardworking, diligent, kind and wise and all this can't help but make you attractive.
  Be Presentable
Imagine if u wrap a nice and tasty chocolate in a bad wrapper, will anyone ask u for it? I bet the answer is No? DAT is exactly why u must be presentable, you must always look good, looking good does nt have to do with expensive stuffs all the time but combining what you have well, take care of details, your hair, nails,smell nice e.t.c, Always brand yourself well.
Always wear a Smile
Yes smiles could work wonders, sometimes it represent confidence and feeling good within yourself and at other times it could help cover a lot of frustrations, it does not make People see the emotion behind the person seated, it is the best make up anyone could put on and it makes you very beautiful, I know am guilty too, I don't smile often but I hope to  improve on it.
     Thanks for reading with do share other things you think I didn't talk about in the comments section i ll love to read from you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hello Dearies !
Hw is everyone doing? The heat this days is so much, thank God for the rain today.
So this post has been on my mind for long and days because av seen quiet a number of heart breaks happen because sum pple don't understand the basics of love
Below are a few things I feel must be in place before anyone can love and be loved:
Self Appreciation/Self love
Yes you have to love yourself, you av to love every aspect of you, your life, your appearance and all that pertains to you. Even the Bible says love your neighbour as yourself" which implies that you have to love yourself first, swthrt you were created by God and Psalms 139:14 says I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are your works .. ..., you have to believe it and receive it, you will find yourself in a much better frame of mind.
High Self esteem
You have to carry yourself with pride and dignity, you have to believe meeting you is the best thing that can happen to anyone
Be sure of yourself
Keep your head up and believe in yourself
Be positive
Don't wait for anyone to complete who you are
Always make your opinion count and never be bullied by anyone's success
Be the best you can be
Aim to always Improve yourself, be on top of your game,nobody wants to have anything to do with a blank person, learn new things, read books and always strife to be better than you were yesterday.
To be continued in my next post. Thanks for reading, please do share your thoughts in the comment section.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Hello dearies
Yes yes i am new
M so happy that finally I cud put up my ist post, believe me I av dreamed of putting up did blog for the past 6 months but glory be to God today my dream came to reality
  M Debbie nd I intend to touch and inspire people in my own lil way
Av bin around the blogs ville for a long time nd m amazed @ the love DAT radiates. M thankful to the beautiful Ugo for her encouragement    and love, God bless u dear she is indeed beautiful inside out.
  Pls do visit my blog nd invite someone. Tanks so much
  Debbie G!