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Yipeee ladies get in here, u knw av gat ya backs anytime right? Okay how is everyone doing, m glad to be here again.
So on today's post am going to be talking about 5 things we should look out for in a spouse as Ladies, when I read chronicles of women who are suffering in their marriages, I get goose bumps seeing how people who are suppose to be their better half, maltreat let's get straight to the matter;
He MUST be God fearing
   Yes, he must be God fearing, he must love God and  fear God,  because if he does, he will love and treat you right, the fear of God will make him obey God's word, and the word of God clearly state that he should love and cherish you Ephesians 5:25:28, he will do things he can't do in his natural human instinct for you because he is tuned to God, his heart will be so tender because he loves and obey God and some things are just a no go area for him because of his love for God, so this is the ist and most important feature anyone must look out for in a spouse.
Of course love is the basis for all we are talking about, he must love and cherish you, he must love having you around, his love must be patient, kind, and not be self seeking 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 NIV . You must be the Apple of his eyes.
  The fit is important too, Are your goals complimentary??, are you guys looking in the same direction? Do u guys agree on important issues pertaining to the two of you, cause after the romance wears out when you guys are married, you ll want to go back to achieving your dreams and if you find yourself with someone that is nt in agreement with you, you ll consider him an hindrance rather than help, make sure your lifestyle and every other thing fits
This for me is another important thing, remember we ladies as the wife have to submit? He can one submit to an irresponsible man? That is why one has to consider a responsible man when looking out for a spouse, he must be someone who's got his act together, he must be able to provide, preside and protect, he must be someone who knows what he is doing and sets his priorities right, he must be someone you can trust and submit to.
    This will go a long way in affecting you when u eventually marry him so u av to make sure to get this right, what's he made of??? Does he possess character? wisdom? Compassion? Integrity? Honesty? Or does he av anger issues? Is he violent? How is his relationship with his family? His friend? How does he treat that sales attendant or the people that attend to him in public places? Am sure if you rate him with the answers to this questions, you ll know his character.
  Thanks for reading, do share what you feel in the comment section and remember to share someone might need this.


  1. Indeed, all dese nd more should guide one to make a better choice. Nice one dear

  2. Great Post! Being impulsive leads to regrets Especially in a relationship! If more girls and guys thought likewise or read this before ... just maybe the divorce rate would drop dramatically!

    Thanks! Take Care and Have a Great Day! :)


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