Wednesday, March 25, 2015


          Hello dearies, am so excited mehn, its the second edition of Inspiration
          Wednesday,am so excited that the month is gradually going to an end
          and payday is near. And am so happy about the progress of LIFE'S DIARY.
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                                           Life is a gift,
                                           Life is a journey,
                                           Life is an Opportunity
                                           Life is a challenge
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                    Life comes with its own share of ups and downs but our ability to
                    hang in there and never lose hope is what makes us a better person
                    and a victor.
                    In whatever situation when there is life there is hope, never ever lose
                    hope,  just work towards overcoming your challenges in faith.

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                    Like pamela wrote yesterday never think of harming yourself, suicide
                    is no option, pray often and be positive and all will fall in place in due
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  1. "just work towards overcoming your challenges in faith." Speak to me sister! There goes Faith and works again.

    We always in the spirit together. Lol. I wrote something similar too >

  2. "When there is life,there is hope". I don't know why people forget that saying.
    I am naturally an optimistic person and am grateful to God for that


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