Monday, March 30, 2015


     Hello my darling readers, i know i have been MIA, am so sorry about that, 
   but yours truly went to work as one of INEC's ad-hoc staff and believe me, the work
   took all my weekend, it was so stressful because Nigerians were not patient enough,
   everyone wants to be served at the same time, forgetting that the person attending to 
    them ain't no machine, i know i have missed a lot, how is everyone doing? oya gist me
    about your weekend in the comment section, did you vote? and who did you vote 
   for Transformation or change?, i would have voted for transformation but i didn't 
    vote because i was working.
      So what brought about today's vote was what i observed during the elections,
    as human beings of course in all ways we need money, so we must love money,      
    but we must not be obsessed with money.

    Some people love money to the extent that they can jeopardize anything for money,
  i saw some Nigerian youths waiting to sell their votes to the highest bidder and i was afraid 
  for the future of our dear Nigeria, how can you sell your right of decision making for money????
     Some people this days even do all sort for money e.g prostitution, drug trafficking, 
   internet scams, thuggery e.t.c all this things will in the long run tell on their future. 
   Why will you love money  more than yourself? Why sell your future for money? 
   Stop been covetous, Stop letting money rule your life, Stop the money Obsession 
    and just work hard and be patient and watch everything you want in life fall into place.  

   For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money,
   have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs
   1TIMOTHY 6;10


  1. Welcome back, dear. Missed you a lil *winks* Until people are able to look beyond the surface of events, they will never understand the consequences of their decisions. My next blog post will talk about it in a way.

    Oh yes, I voted. There is this joy you get after voting. You feel patriotic and happy. Lol.

    Meanwhile, how was the experience as an ad-hoc staff?

  2. yh....right...the patriotic feeling, the ad-hoc staff experience is not a sweet one dear, i suffered so much admist the plenty insults nigerians were throwing at us. thanks for stopping by dear


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