Friday, March 6, 2015


Hello everyone, m so sorry I cudn't put up the remaining part of the post yday, thanks to you all for your love and contribution on the ARE YOU LOVEABLE 1 post, special thanks to Ugo, Cherries, Wale and maami Tibs, God bless you guys plenty.
So here is d concluding part of those things you must put in place before you can love and be loved
  Be beautiful inside out
The secret to this is knowing the source of real beauty which is God through his word the holy bible, have you ever seen an handsome man with a plain looking woman, if u av the chance to ask him what he finds attractive about her, he would most certainly tell u hw sweet she is and how wonderful she makes him feel, the secret behind it is nt far fetched check Proverbs 31:10-31, A virtuous woman, she brings good to him, she is hardworking, diligent, kind and wise and all this can't help but make you attractive.
  Be Presentable
Imagine if u wrap a nice and tasty chocolate in a bad wrapper, will anyone ask u for it? I bet the answer is No? DAT is exactly why u must be presentable, you must always look good, looking good does nt have to do with expensive stuffs all the time but combining what you have well, take care of details, your hair, nails,smell nice e.t.c, Always brand yourself well.
Always wear a Smile
Yes smiles could work wonders, sometimes it represent confidence and feeling good within yourself and at other times it could help cover a lot of frustrations, it does not make People see the emotion behind the person seated, it is the best make up anyone could put on and it makes you very beautiful, I know am guilty too, I don't smile often but I hope to  improve on it.
     Thanks for reading with do share other things you think I didn't talk about in the comments section i ll love to read from you.


  1. My most effective make up is my smile!!
    I can't stress the importance of looking good and I don't mean breaking the bank to look good because some people think it's when they wear the whole designers they'll look good. Where I serve, my colleagues dress shabbily and when I talk they be like who is looking at me and I'm like ok..
    Oh well

    1. Yiyaaaah! Tanks for stopping by dear
      Of course looking good is good business, so many people dn't just understand it.


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