Wednesday, March 25, 2015


   Hello everyone, how did your day go? so this post has been on my mind 
    for a while but something happened this evening that made me write this post.
  so my friend and i went to see this man for help on a particular issues,
 after we had told the man what we wanted, the man was turned to my friend 
 and was like i will help you but you have to help me too by dating me, in my mind
 i was like what rubbish, but my friend even now scoped the man that help me first 
 and we will talk about that later, but the man was like No, i want to eat you, i was
 so pissed because right on his finger was his wedding band, me and my friend just
 left the man since he refused to help until he has his way
  so the scene got me thinking, can't a lady ask a  married man for help without 
paying with her body? can't this men help a lady to be successful without ulterior
 motives? come to think of it most of these men have beautiful wives and 
good homemakers, what else do they want? didn't they  remember their marriage 
vows before God and man, don't they have conscience?
  As a woman of virtue i can't compromise my values for material gains, so does it 
mean me and other people like me can't find favor in the sight of this wicked men? 
God really has to touch the heart of some of Nigerian married men.  what do you think? 
 drop your comment and lets talk.


  1. Hiya mami, Hmmmm you know reading this post just made me think bout how shallow some people are...I don't think this happens to only Nigerian men, even in my country, there are crazy fools like that. Having said that, I love how you walked away.....sometimes you have to do somethings and be able to sleep at can't give out something that will haunt you for a long time...Good riddance mami!

    Tibs Tells Tales

  2. Tanks maami, yh that's the place of conscience, tanks for stopping by

  3. Tanks maami, yh that's the place of conscience, tanks for stopping by


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