Thursday, March 26, 2015


Hello! Hello! Hello!, i can't believe its thursday already, this week is running pretty fast mhen, i looking forward to the weekend because I want the election to be done and over with, am tired of the dramas and the calling outs that has characterized the presidential campaigns. So for your advice and contributions on how the blog can be better, do contact me: ayanbajoajibike7957 @
  Many of us young people have great and amazing ideas but we just keep it to ourselves and be like I will start tomorrow or I don't have the necessary things in place, I was once like that too but I saw the negative effects so I had to adjust and cultivate the habit of been a go- getter and its been better of so when this article was sent to me I could totally relate. Why wait till tomorrow? Why not start now? Read and enjoy
The human mind is not attuned to big changes. That's why everything on the path to mastery is quasi-static .....and that's why it needs to be mastered over a period of time. I call it process prognosis.
    Many things in nature follow this process: The rising and setting of the sun is seemingly quasi- static unless you take your time to follow its procession.
The clockwork follows short little ticks as time mounts up and moves in space. The strategy behind this is a needful information you should consider;
If many things obey the law of time, then why not start early so you can get ahead of the crowd.
To be ahead of your peers, you need
  Speed of choices
  Speed of thoughts
  Speed of plans and movement
In a lay man's tongue...whatever you want to do in life....START NOW! MAKE A MOVE TODAY.
If you don't start now, then when?
If you don't do it today, then who will?
Start slow but move fast!
Tiny drops eventually make an Ocean, but the earlier the drop starts and the faster the drop, the sooner the Ocean appears.

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