Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Personality Test- Temperament

 Hello my lovely, people, how is your week going, mine has been awesome, am just very happy this days like someone that licked one drum of honey, am thankful for God's grace, when i look at this year all together, i have a lot to be thankful for, enough of me already!

  Today we are going to engage ourselves with Personality Test, you know, i have come to understand that, if you don't know yourself, then you can't deal with other people, you will end up either been always hurt or always stepping on other people's toes, at a point in my life, i was very angry with everyone around me, people always getting on my nerves and annoying me, then i knew something was wrong with me, everyone can't be bad, then i went through the personality test,believe me, now there is rarely any person i can't live with, i spent part of my secondary school days in the boarding house, all through my university days, my school was fully residential, so we all lived in the hostel, is either we are 8 in a room, or 6 in a room and the lowest is 4 in a room, believe me i learned to be very tolerant and then i discovered that if you know each other, you will find it easy to relate well, which is where Temperament comes in, Temperament is a person's nature that affects their behavior, now there are basically four types of temperament which are:

 The sanguine Temperament is traditionally associated with the AIR
People with this temperament tend to be lively, sociable, Carefree, talkative and pleasure seeking.
They can be warm-hearted and Optimistic
They can make new friends easily, be imaginative and artistic and often have many ideas
They can be flighty and changeable, thus Sanguine personality may struggle with tasks and can be chronically late and forgetful

 The choleric temperament is traditionally associated with Fire
people with this temperament tend to be egocentric and extroverted.
They may be excitable, impulsive and restless with resstless,with reserves of energy or passion to instill that in others
They tend to be task oriented people and are focused on getting a job done efficiently and their motto is usually "do it now"
They can be ambitious, strong-willed and like to be in charge, 
They can show good leadership ,  are good at planning and are often practical and solution oriented  They appreciate receiving respect and esteem for their work

 The melancholic temperament is traditionally associated with the element Earth
 People with this temperament may appear serious, introverted, cautious or even suspicious
They can become pre-occupied with the tragedy or cruelty in the world and are susceptible to depression and moodiness
They may be focused and conscientious
They often prefer to do things themselves, both to meet their own standards and because they are inherently sociable

Phlegmatic temperament is traditionally associated with water
people with this temperament may be inward and private, thoughtful, reasonable,calm,patient,caring and tolerant
They tend to have a rich inner life,seek a quiet, peaceful atmosphere and be content with themselves
They tend to be steadfast,consistent in their habits and thus steady and faithful friends
 People of this temperament may appear somewhat ponderous or clumsy, their speech tends to be slow or appear hesitant.
So thats it, evaluate yourself ,where do you fall??, well you might be more than one temperament, but you can't be all, like me...am a bit of a Sanguine and  a phlegmatic, what of you??? holla at the comment section


  1. I'm predominantly Melancholy and a bit of Sanguine. So I'm MelSan. Temperament study fascinates me a lot

    Molola's Blog

    1. Nice one molola, the fact that you love landscape photography means you love nature and thats one of the qualities of melancholy, so i agree with you.thanks for stopping by dear

  2. Not seen one that fully describes me. Partly but not all traits there so i can't conclude.

    1. If you study yourself more, am sure you will see at least two that best describes you.thanks for stopping by

  3. Yeah, I am Sanguine and Melancholic + a lil bit of Phlegmatic

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    1. Kai, pat, thats a big one, that means you are more of an introvert, i didn't know that though, i use to think you will be a choleric, cause to me you have a lotta swags

  4. Am strictly a Melancholism....I like doing things myself to a noticeable level even though I will seek for help.

  5. melphleg
    or sanmel

    1. its bin a while dear, hw av u been?
      Good one

  6. I'm busted lol

    Part sanguine, some phlegmatic and I do battle my ugly side, but overall happy and get along with most ;)

    Interesting post as always you make us think and reassess, all of which is a Good thing! Thank you my Sweet Sis :)

    Take Care and Have a Marvelous Day! :)

    1. Thanks Cherri, God bless your beautiful heart, so we have the same temperaments, no wonder it clicked at onces

  7. Erm. . . You can litetally read me like a blog. I like it when someone looks at me and get my temperaments correctly. So Sweet Debby, tell me where you think my personality falls in by yourself . :D

    1. Amaka my sweethrt, oya lemme guess, Amaka is a phlegmatic and sanguine too...am i right ...lol

  8. Am a bit of all so jibbyks who am I?


    1. Lol..Gloria sweets you can't be a bit of all, but i guess you are a lil bit introverted, i guess you are a phlegmatic with a lil bit of melancholy..i might be wrong though cause am judging frm d lil i know about.thanks for always stopping by maam

    2. what about me ooh
      please reply i will come back and check

  9. Lol..i tink u are a sanguine with a lil bit of a phlegmatic, because u can't be a sanguine (extrovert) and melancholy(serious introvert) at the same time, so i guess u are a sanphleg..

  10. ohk! thank you

    but i dont think i am an extrovert,my mood is just unpredictable i can be on and off with my moods

  11. Ok, I have showed. Biko, I hope u really guess mine right. Who am I?
    I'll be bak.


    1. Well, I've been checking but u seem not to have answered my question. OK oo. No probs.


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