Tuesday, June 30, 2015

15 unspoken rules of courtesy that everyone should adhere to!!!

   Hello LD Fam, how is your day going, you know we are quickly forgetting our courtesies, somethings are just reasonable to do as a young man or young Lady, so when this article was sent in by boo that i should post, i was very happy, read and enjoy, Do you agree with them of you don't , share your thoughts in the comments section...

Times are changing. A lot of the rules in our society, that were once very rigid, are now something that we hardly pay heed. But while some rules and regulations on what might be considered as good behavior are obsolete now; there still exists a bunch of unspoken ones that one needs to adhere to.

These are rules that have a lot to do with commitment, gratitude, privacy and general courtesy.


  1. Niceeeee. The only ones in guilty of are those that have to do with phones. I most times forget to call back or send a message. But all in all I think I'm a courteous person. Yayyyy me


  2. I passed because i do all the above to a good degree.

  3. Nice one will need to adjust. That pay back borrowed money has never favoured me.


  4. I learnt something from this post. Thanks dear


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