Monday, June 1, 2015


 Hello dearest LD fam, Good morning, Happy New Week, Happy New Month.... choi, i can greet for Africa, blame it on my Yoruba Upbringing, well my weekend was amazing, i got to be with le boo, after so many months of not seeing that dude, mhen it was refreshing and wonderful, so now you know why i didn't blog all through the weekend, although the power supply was terrible too

 Happy new month once again my people, its mid year,can't believe that by next month we will start the second half of the year, well lets do a little review, we all have a laid out plan for the year right, goals, dreams, standards and resolutions,its mid year already, how far have you gone with your goals?? what about that resolution you made at the beginning of this year, that bad habit you wants to stop, how far have you gone with it?? well for me, it looks like you still have a chance to restructure and re plan and those goals can still be achieved if you get back on track, so the month of June is a reminder month for you that the year is soon running to an end and you have to get back on track

 For me, my Goals are still been pursued and i can see considerable success about them, and for new year resolutions, i don't have one because i am not the type to stick to them, but everyday i make a conscious effort to be a better person and to learn new things.

 I love the month of June, because its me and le boo's anniversary month, its my dad's birthday month and my brother is getting married this month too, so that means an owanbe is around the corner*winks*

 phew! this post is about everything, before i start to bore you with long stories let me hang my boot, Do have a blessed month ahead people and Go ye and do exploits this month *kisses*


  1. So many interesting events this month.. Congrats to your bro. Happy new month jibbyks family..

  2. My plans for the month are already made, hopefully it will turn out great. All the best with your goals...have a nice month!

  3. Yayyyy! June rocks!!! Happy new month sweetie!

  4. Oh mami, Happy New month to you...Yay!!!!

  5. Happy new month to everyone

  6. Happy new month to us

  7. Happy New month. I'v stopped making progress report for myself. I just live life to the fullest and do what i have to do.

  8. happy new month dearie

  9. invite us for owambe


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