Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Personality Tuesday- Dealing with low self esteem

Hello beautiful people, how is your week going?? Remember last week  we talked about temperament in personality Tuesday and i love the discussion we had, God bless you all

Today lets talk about Self esteem, while i was growing up and even up to recently i was battling with low self esteem, i just use to feel everyone is better than i am, but  just recently i got transformed from it all thanks to one wonderful person in my life, well low self esteem is when one is always feeling insignificant or less important, it could be a dream killer and it makes you feel less human, it could be caused by what you believe about yourself, It could be as a result of experiences i.e what you saw, heard or experienced earlier in life, it could also be as a result of neglect, abuse, failing to meet parental or peer group standards and lack of warmth, affection or family love
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Believe in yourself
: yes believe you can achieve anything and you are the best thing that has happened to the world, love and pamper yourself,  and most of all be around the people that love you and bring the best out of you (this really worked for me) because when you want to give up on yourself, they are always there to lift you up

Stand for what you believe: Let your yes be yes and No be no, say what you mean and mean what you say, never allow anyone to toss you around, stand for what you believe and never allow what others will think of you bother you, because those who care don't matter and those who matter don't care.

Be authentic
Never try to be like anybody, be it your favourite celebrity, role model or mentor, be yourself, drop pretenses and never bend to please anyone

Be free
Yes, be free, live life, love, laugh, enjoy yourself, don't be afraid to live, don't be afraid to try new things, don't be afraid to make mistake, don't be afraid to meet people, don't give fear and worry chance in your life, if you always want to get it right, then you are still suffering from low self esteem

Help Others
The amazing feeling you get when you help another person and put a smile on other people's faces can help boost your self esteem and self confidence, when you rise above your limitations to make others feel good then your self esteem is really going to improve
   Low self-esteem is a dream killer, even though you know that you can be so much more, deep down low self esteem will make you have  a nagging feeling that you are not worthy of greatness, accolade,pure joy or happiness, try the above mentioned point to kill that low self esteem and thank me later...have a nice day beautifuls!


  1. Great advice, but sometimes low self esteem goes way beyond what anyone can deal with-alone. So I think adding 'Talk or reach out to someone or support group' to that list would be a good one too.

    1. Very well said blogoratti, counseling and talking to people about it can help a great deal too, thanks for the addition..

  2. Nice one, Debbie! but this. . . "The amazing feeling you get when you help another person and put a smile on other people's faces can help boost your self esteem and self confidence." Hmmm..... you can't give what you don't have tho.

    Having confidence does not happen overnight, you gotta keep working onnit.


    1. Amaka my sugaepie, note that low self esteem does not mean that you don't have great ideas and goodness inside you,but it just means you are reluctant to show it, so showing goodness and love will go a long way, at least this blog is one of the things that helped me with mine though i agree thar confidence is what you keep working on

  3. Its natural to some extent for someone to look down on him/herself due to lack of enough exposure or experience to perform a task to a satisfactory level. You ve highlighted the most important ways out but the first thing to notice before applying those rules is to first of all find out if someone have a low self esteem or not.

    1. Of course, you are right, but its really easy to know if you have low self esteem, because you would always feel as if you are not good enough and every thing on that pics i used are symptoms of low self esteem, thanks for stopping by dear

  4. Believing in yourself is a great way to conquer a low self-esteem. Great post.


  5. i cant remember how i overcame the low self esteem thing! now over high self esteem dey worry me..lolz

  6. Life as it is .... Nice jibbyks


  7. Another thing is to watch the relationships you have. Your relationship with some people just gives you low self esteem. If you know what I mean

  8. Everything boils down to you loving yourself. When you love yourself you'll feel on top of the world even when everyother person is more qualified than you. You will stand on your own and be proud , you won't need to make rich friends to feel classy. On your own, you can carry yourself high. Just love yourself. Change for you,nobody should make you have high selfesteem. You have the keys.When you love your self you'll have self worth. and everyother thing will come in place.


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