Thursday, June 25, 2015

How do you deal?

Hello my lovely LD fam,good morning, how is the week going, gradually i am begining to understand and see life from a different point of view and all this understandings are making me not to be able to drag anything with anyone or struggle for anything because at the end of the day, all is vanity also i am always thankful for every minute of life, what is money without happiness, what is comfort without peace of mind??? dearies even with that little, if you have peace of mind, don't drag what your hands can't reach, just be patient and it will all make sense

  On a second note, how many of us have that shoe, cloth or underwear that you like so much, despite the fact that its old, you can't just let go  of it, i do, i have this pair of sandals that i love so much and i feel comfortable wearing it, despite the fact that the sole is gradually splitting into two, i am still rocking it and i would still continue to rock it till it finally cuts into

  Now to the point of today's post, hoe do you deal with a stubborn headed friend, someone who does not take other people's opinion, someone that believes she is always right, even though every person around her thinks she is wrong, how do you deal with such person in love?


  1. Its usually difficult to try to change such people, or make them see things from a different perspective.

  2. Erhmmm...I ignore them completely...I can be hard-headed and I got no patience for hard-headed people like me sometimes....buh in a case where someone around me thinks she/he knows it all, I stay completely far for them..I don't need their cockiness rubbing me off in the wrong way...again, I got no patience.

    Hiya mami.

  3. Sounds like me after a loooooooooooooogggggggggggg week :(

    You can't change anyone, if they must wish to change you can encourage and support ...

    Until that time comes just Pray. We must Love everyone, but we never have to like them or their ways ...

    Wishing you a Peaceful Day :)

  4. the truth is that you can't change people..its better to let them be if you see your work on them is yielding no fruit..with time they will realise themselves..

  5. At the end it's is ones happiness that should be paramount..

  6. I will allow your ignorance to teach you a lesson some day ....

  7. Me I'll just leave you to your vices. Life will teach the person a lesson, that's for sure

  8. Me I'll just leave you to your vices. Life will teach the person a lesson, that's for sure

  9. Its very difficult to change someone like that, in fact its impossible, you just try your best to stop the person from making really terrible mistake.

  10. You will leave such person and let her learn the hard way


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