Sunday, June 7, 2015

LOVE-The greatest of all

 Hello LD fam, Happy Sunday, how did your weekend go, i love Sundays, i can't explain why, well here is wishing every BV a blessed and wonderful week ahead.

  Today i want to talk about Love, Love is when you go out of your way to make another person better,even God encourages Love,Love is the greatest of all commands,
Galatians 5:22 says For the fruit of the spirit is Love,joy....
 when you have Love you are manifesting the fruit of the spirit, now you can show love to anybody, Love yourself, Love your Neighbor, show love to that stranger, show love to that Old Man/Woman on the street, show love to people that can not repay you back, yes thats how to manifest the fruit of the spirit Love, if we love ourselves and we show love as much as possible to every human, am sure the world will be a lot better than it is now

For you to know how important Love is to God, Love was mentioned 310 times in the KJV Bible, 131 times in the Old Testament and 179 times in the New Testament, thats to show that the Master of the universe knows that Love is important to the world, Even God showed us Love by sacrificing for us,  and he even commands that we love our neighbor and even our enemies and if you Love God you will obey his commands

 So as you go this week, let Love be your watchword, show love to everyone around you, to your friends, your neighbour, your family members, strangers, people you meet on the street and to people that cannot repay you back, just use your love to make someone feel better, show love to lift someone's spirit,  if we want Nigeria and the world to be a better place, Love is one of the important Foundation and it starts with you and me and it starts  with one kind action towards another person.

Do have a lovely week ahead and remember to show some love, the concluding part of this post will be posted next sunday and it will be about how we can show love and the reward of Love, so make it a date with me!!!
I Love you all.....


  1. Happy Sunday. Nice of you to share today's word. Thanks and nice week ahead!

    1. Tanks blogorati, av a blessed week too

  2. There's no greater commandment than this. Have a nice week ahead dear

    Molola's Blog

    1. Yh right molola, have an amazing week too

  3. Happy sunday and amen been a while I came around jibbyks

    1. Yh right, how have you been? am sure going to drop by your blog today

  4. Infact Love is The Greatest! Let Us Act Love, and Show Love!
    I Love This Post!

  5. Thank you so Much! I Really Enjoyed this one! Always get a Lot from your posts!

    We know God is Love! Just never counted how many times the number of times Love was spoken ...

    Not saying we think alike ... think more of ya than that lol ;) but in my Prayers I Pray that God will fill every Soul with His Love to bring Love into every Soul, Sprit, Heart, Mind, Home b/c it would bring Love and Peace World Wide! On that we're on the same page :)

    Thank you again! Take Care and Have a Peaceful Week! Love ya, Girl :)

    1. Tanks so much Cherri, i love the fact that we are on the same page, i would love to have many other people see things as we do so that love can be all over, tanks for your love at all times, tanks for always dropping your amazing thoughts, God bless you dear
      May ur week be as beautiful as you

  6. Am not really familiar with the contents of the Holy book- Bible so can't tell how many times love was mentioned in that defined book until now. I only know love exist and the prove that we are still alive just because of the love and mercy of the Creator. Thanks for the info. I can now go round confidently to tell people the concept of love using the scripture from the

  7. love is all that is the greatest of all the commandments


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