Monday, June 22, 2015

The power of a Woman

Hello my beautifuls, yes i know i have not been consistent on blogsville lately, power supply has been terrible and then i have been a bit lazy lately, am sorry dearies, and i am wishing you a very aazing and fruitful week ahead

  Yes, i am excited about today's post, one of the things i am most thankful for is been a woman,yes the bible says we are the weaker vessels but in reality we are stronger than the strongest, if you are a woman and you know how to use your power of being a woman well, i believe you can get anything done because if we set our hearts to do anything, we always get it done

 But for this post am talking about the power of a woman in a relationship/ marriage, we as women wield the scepter of power in our relationships, you have the power to make or break a man,power to build them up or tear them down, and one key way you can do that is through your Words, Your words can make the man in your life wealthy even though he does not have any money in his pocket, men are like babies, they need a little lovely push and encouragement and you will see him at his best, believe it or not men are drawn to positive women, check out proverbs 31,

 Make the man in your life feel wealthy, speak life into him, when he is down, use your words to lift him up in love, men don't mind a little gentle nudging, just don't push or control them, be a salt that adds sweetness to your man's life

  Believe me if you are talking right and your words brings intelligence and the best out of your man,his heart will always long after you because he feels happy and real in your presence, your conversation should make a dark day bright in your man's life,Male egos are fragile don't use your words to tear your man apart, but use it to make him appreciate you more, use your words to make yourself his first point of call when he needs to talk to someone, have you seen some husbands who cannot tell their wives their worries? that because he feels she is not intelligent enough to handle whatever he has to say,or she will tell him how stupid he is, but convince the man in your life that he can always talk to you by using good words to season his life, let your words melt his heart and his defenses, let your words be constructive and not destructive, remember for every negative thing you have to say, there is another woman who knows the use of her power as a woman, and who will whisper sweet things in your man's ear, use your mouth to make your world with your man look sweet and be a gift to that man, its amazing how we will do anything to make the man in how lives feel loved yet we ignore this aspect that works wonder, minister deeply into that man beautifuls!

Pleasant words are honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones
Proverbs 16:24


  1. i will always be grateful that i came to this world as a woman..will never trade it for anything

  2. Mami, I always learn something new everytime I hop on this is no always, this was beautifully-written..

  3. The greatest gift any man can be blessed with is marrying an intelligent woman. Once any man is lucky to get that, I think he has gotten all he needed to build an healthy family. Whosoever among men got a bad woman, right from the wedding altar, his life will continue degrading both in value and worthiness....thanks for lecture, cos to me it is indeed a lesson to be learnt by ladies.

    Hmmm power holding holds your power....I don't think they've done anything wrong, they are just performing their duty. Smiles.

  4. Nice post

  5. Lovely. I will speak and pray for all the men in my life. My dad, brothers, uncles, bosses, pastors and him. Thanks, Debby.

  6. Lovely... Me I know women are strong o...with our words. We can make or mare anytin with our words. Nice post mami. May God give us good and loyal husbands in Jesus name.

  7. thanks for reminding me about how powerful i am in my husbands life.

  8. Even the most stubborn man have a woman to calm him down.

  9. Never underestimate them ...especially those that put on wig...

  10. O yes we should always watch what we say especially to the opposite sex(not hubby only). This is one great post.. Well done

  11. Great message for us today! :) Read earlier, was rushed didn't comment or share sorry ...

  12. Awww! I'm so loving this post. It's so enlightening. Thanks for sharing

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