Friday, June 12, 2015

Discussion or brave?

Hello my lovely people, TGIF mhen, lets get straight to the point, see the pic below? what do you think, do you think the lady is brave or you think this is cheap, holla at the comment section, i can't wait to hear your opinion

Pic source: Nigerianwedding instagram

For me,i don't support this and i pray this trend does not continue or the world will be in trouble, even the bible says HE who finds a wife....its the man duty to Find not the ladies, so how can women now be the one proposing??? For me this is cheap mehn, we are worth more than this, we are God's treasure thats why God said Husbands should love their wives as Christ loves the church, how did Christ love the church? He gave his life For it, so we are that important to God.
 whats your opinion


  1. Not for this at all. No matter what. When you start like this you'll always beg for attention and love. Be the Jewel you're supposed to be. There are other ways of sending your message across because some guys need that push. Its just not right at all.The man will not appreciate you. A man is supposed to love you more. That's just how it should be. No matter how advanced we are now. Let him be the man no matter how poor he is. Allow him. Don't start what you can't endure. This just put me off.

  2. Welcome to the century we call weird ....

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  3. Lolz mehnnnn this is part of the CHANGE agenda..
    I want to believe this is a movie..

  4. This is a big for me. I mean, who does this?

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  5. We are no longer what we were....things have changed. The custom and the culture which attached so much values to women as been basterdised...we pray for a better change anyway.

  6. she is brave,she broke the jinx

  7. i see nothing wrong. lolz


  8. I agree with you 100%. The man should do the asking biko. She's very brave sha

  9. If a guy seriously Loves you/me and wants to propose ... he should/is going to take a knee, ask and offer the ring! (my opinion) So I agree with you! But ...

    In her defence ...
    1. We have our thoughts but must remember we only have one Judge in these matters.
    2. Nothing wrong with asking him "are you ever going propose?".
    3. I believe in Freedom ... including that of being stupid! *as long as it's not hurting anyone*
    If there was a Nobel Prize Awarded for stupidity ... yours truly would be the recipient often enough ... lol :)

    Great post! Take Care and Wishing you a Restful Day/Weekend Sis :) (hope you get one off for a change)

  10. One thing i know with myself is that i can never do have not finish

  11. She is very brave... She did not think about the possibility of him refusing the proposal

  12. She is very brave... She did not think about the possibility of him refusing the proposal


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