Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello lovely people, wow, today is the last day of the month of April, happy new month
 in advance lovely people, i don't know why but am so excited today.
  As a new feature to the blog, am bringing LOVE THURSDAY to you, so every Thursday,
 i will bring issues on Love and relationship here to be discussed, you may have issues
 you like to be discussed here, do send me a mail
  and i will publish it, lets do this together people

 so on today's post we will be talking about being friends with your Ex, a lot of
people don't allow their spouses to be friends with their Ex because most times they
don't feel secure about this friendship, for some they think there could be spill over
 feelings while other people don't just like the idea at all, for me i don't see anything
 wrong in it, as i believe that been friends with an Ex does not mean any harm, once
 am done then am done, and then i believe that No one is an island, someday somehow
, our paths could still cross will i say because we once dated and it didn't work out then
 i can't help or can't receive help from an Ex.
 Yes i know some Ex left bitter pills, but then again we already talked about forgiveness
 and letting go, so i want to hear from you, do you think its ok to be friends with your Ex
 or are you are part of the team no way once we are done ,we are done, we can't be
 friends and another thing is can you allow your spouse be friends with their EX?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hello lovely people, how is everyone doing today??? well whats it with Nigerians
 and this trekking copycat syndrome, well maybe i will trek from Ogun to Abuja too may be Mr President can notice me and give me

 Its another Wednesday an its another inspiration Wednesday, if its your first time here,
we do this every Wednesday just to inspire someone to be better;
Yes, you are responsible for your happiness, sometimes in life, we put or place our
 happiness in people, often times, we end up being always unhappy, thats because no
one can make you happy except you, Do what rocks your boat, do the things that
make you happy, in everything you want to do, make your happiness a criteria,
always ensure you do what makes you happy and makes you be a better person

 No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, so never let them,
happiness is a state of mind,always be happy, train your mind to see Good in
 every situation, being happy does not mean everything is perfect, it means you
 have decided to look beyond the imperfections.You are responsible for your
 happiness never put the key to your happiness in someone Else's pocket.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hello beautiful people, how are you today? Trust you fine, the month of April is gradually
 coming to an end, am so excited, whoop! it means alert go soon enter bah?

 Well this post is going to be very short but i hope it will be very interactive too,
i have noticed a norm that is fast becoming part of our society, i noticed that this
days people care more about wedding than marriage,

Ask me how? for so many reasons the big day takes the whole of a person's mind that
sometimes they just ignore the important things to look out for before marriage like
 i discussed here , for some people they just want their friends and everyone that has
 mocked them to see that they are getting married too, so they focus so much on wedding
 rather than marriage and after marriage, for other people the desperation to just be called
 Mrs something just makes them want wedding more than marriage while for other people
 so that the society can accept them, they stage a wedding forgetting that marriage is an institution,
 so let's talk, Do you think wedding is fast overshadowing the purpose of marriage and why do you
think so, or you don't agree with me on this issue, let's talk please people make this as interactive as possible.......

Monday, April 27, 2015


Hello lovelies, how are you doing today? i hate Mondays and the seriousness that comes with it, so here is something to lighten your mood ,
 so on Friday April 24th, Lagos socialite Joro Olumofin shared Tips on how to stop being single on his Instagram page, read what he says below;

(1) Remove guys from your friendzone list: “Friendzone” is a mental classification or categorization of a guy or group of guys in a lady’s mind I.e she sees a guy as a non sexual object or as a brother. Some single  ladies today see having a lot of guys on their friendzone list as an achievement or an award, they enjoy the fact that guys keep trying to get their attention or approval while they call him things like “bro” , “cuz” , “G” “padi” as a means to discourage him from trying to talk to them.. My question is if you’re single and you’re looking for a boyfriend why have so many guys as just friends without giving them chances? Or opportunities to prove themselves. Marriage counsellors have revealed that most couples were initially just friends or co-workers. Un-friendzone some guys and see where it leads, you may just be swept off your feet..

2) Smile Often ; Look Approachable: A lot of guys are discouraged to approach a Lady who has a strong or mean face. They may be scared of instant rejection or think you’re just mean. Primacy Effect in Psychology makes emphasis on first impression being an important factor in perception. So Ladies if your face is strong and your heart is soft make an effort to smile more.
(3) Change your normal routine (try a new church, bar, cinema, beach) : If you’re a single lady and you’ve been attending the same church, cinema, bars for the past 16 months and there is no visible suitor I suggest you switch the branch of your church from Ikeja to Surulere, or Apapa to VI. This is a Process known as randomization; doing something different or attending new places will give you a new set of possibilities of meeting new suitors.


 @ Life's diary, we like to celebrate Love and wedding, Here is wishing Tunji and Tiwa Balogun a happy wedding anniversary, May God continue to make their love wax stronger. Beautiful couple!

To celebrate the anniversary the lovely couple treated themselves to a romantic dinner, see pics below
 choi...isn't this beautiful? Love is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hello lovely people, happy Sunday and happy new week, am sorry today's post is
 coming late, phcn or phc whatever is really dealing with us,May this new week
 bring new blessings, abundant joy and multiple blessings to you and your family
 In Jesus name.

  Today is the last sunday of the month and i just decided to open a gratitude post,
 i know in one way or the other God as being good to each and everyone of us since
 the beginning of this month, we might not just know it, sometimes we don't thank
God for our comfort because we don't know what it means to be uncomfortable,
 if you have never been hungry then you won't know how to be thankful for food
,if you have not been to the hospital lately, you won't know how to be thankful for

Friday, April 24, 2015


Hello my lovely, sweet, sugar coated darlings, TGIF! how is everyone doing???
 am sorry i was MIA yesterday, i had to go get some things done and it practically
 took the whole of my day, am very sorry, i miss everyone and and i miss doing
my blog rounds where i visit all my favorite blogs, so after this post i will just go
 round and catch up on all that i missed
pics source: Google

 straight to today's post, for a long time, have had the cause to wonder what it is
with the women folks, why don't we like ourselves, i arrived at this conclusion
 because a lot of time when i hear what a woman did to her fellow woman ,
I used to be amazed.
      Why is that when a woman knows where her fellow woman is making it
and suceeding, she will be full of envy and might even try to snatch it or destroy
 the place??? why is that a fellow woman will spill the secrets her friend kept with
 her just to get back at her friend, why is it that as women we are scared of each
 other, is it not a woman that keeps another woman's husband from concentrating
 on his home??

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


  Hello my beautiful besties, yes! *bats eyelashes*, you all are my besties because
 i feel blessed sharing my thoughts with you guys. so today on inspiration Wednesday
 we want to talk about failure, a lot of us are afraid of failure but i don't know if
 you have heard that Life is a risk, Never be afraid to Fail, the fear of failure often
 blindfolds us and it scares us from trying out new things,for example i have
considered opening this blog since last year but the fear of who will read my post?
 how will i be able to finance internet connections and all sort stopped me for like
 5 months, but since i have started it has been all joy thanks to you all but sometimes
 we need to fail before we can succeed.
  For example lets talk about BILL GATES, the richest man in the world and
owner of Microsoft

Net Worth $72,700,000,000
Before being the richest person in the world and owning Xanadu 2.0
 (the ‘Bill Gates House’), a computerized residence with real-time
adjustable temperature, music and lightening for each pin-wearing guest,
 Bill Gates was a failing entrepreneur.

The Failure

His first company was Traf-O-Data,
The company’s product was the Traf-O-Data 8008, a device which
could read traffic tapes and process the data. They first tried to sell the
 processing service to the local County, but their first demo failed
 because the machine ‘didn’t work’, recalled Gates.

The Lesson

His partner, Paull Allen, summarised the experience for exactly what it was:
 ‘Even though Traf-O-Data wasn’t a roaring success, it was seminal in
 preparing us to make Microsoft’s first product a couple of years later’
And happily, that’s exactly what they did. They kept on going and Microsoft
 became the largest personal-computer software company in the world. But it’s
 still nice to know that even the richest philanthropist in the world can make
 business blunders.

  Abraham Lincoln failed all his classes in high school except drama, but today he
 is one of the greatest people in the World because he didn't capitalize on his
failures but he used it as a stepping stone for his success

 Sometimes failing helps us re-evaluate and strategise well, it goes to show that if
 you try harder or make some changes, you will surely suceed, Never be afraid
 to fail because failure is feedback .

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


  Hello sweet people, how are you today, i feel so excited today, so whats its with
south Africans, are we not one in the kingdom of God???
   Well, we all love dates don't we? we all like those moments when we go out with
someone for a while, its amazing how some mistakes can be a turn off to that person
 who took you out or you that was taken out and you will be like,i won't go out with
this person anymore,especially if its a first date, you must get your acts together,
because there is no redo button for first impression,

pic source:Goggle
 Below are the common mistakes that can be disgusting;

BEING LATE;this is a total no no,no one likes to be kept waiting, it could be
annoying when one party has to wait so long before the other party arrives,
 especially if you both agreed to a certain time, it could speak volume on a
person's time management skills

DON'T COME WITH A FRIEND; two is company, three is a crowd,
don't come with a friend except you guys have agreed about it before.

BITING YOUR NAILS: sometimes dates might be awkward especially if its a
first date or you are not so farmilar with your date, but biting your nails is a bad
way to ease the tension, its a bad habit and its disgusting, yuck! its a big turn off.

FONDLING YOUR CELL PHONE OR GADGETS: don't relay on your gadgets
 to keep you company, when you have a date who is suppose to do that, it is
 annoying and irritating when you feel you don't have your date's attention .
 fondling with your gadgets may mean you are not so into your date, and you
 don't want to portray that outside
pic source:Goggle

TALKING WHEN YOUR MOUTH IS FULL: talking when your mouth is full is
bad table etiquette, and you don't want to let your date know that you have bad table
manners right? it even disgust some people, so don't ever try it.

  DON'T FORGET TO BE MODERATE; don't eat too much, don't talk too much,
 don't try to impress, just be yourself.

Monday, April 20, 2015


 Hello lovely people, happy new week, how did your weekend go??? any turn up?
 i spent mine resting and doing re-evaluation of how things were going with me. well
one of the bad habit i have is procrastination, so i digged up on how to stop
 procrastination and i thought to share with you all because you all are so dear to me.

DO IT NOW: yes instead of saying i will do it tomorrow when you can actually do
 it right away, just do it now, learn to always place priorities first, learn to always do
  things right away instead of shifting it forward, learn to always do the right  things
 first before you do other things that can distract you like fondling with phones and gadgets.

SET SMART GOALS: set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely
 goals, let you goals guide the planning of your day, that way you won't leave
somethings out till they are too late, then you will get to do things on time

GIVE YOURSELF DEADLINE: yes sometimes we have to do something
within a specific time frame, giveyourseflf a dead line before the normal deadline
 and be disciplined to stick to your deadlines, that way you will always do
 things ahead of time

SET REMINDERS AND ALARMS: sometimes we don't leave somethings
undone intentionally, we just forget to do them, set reminders, alarms and notes to
 remind you of have goals, plans and schedule ,you have made.

SELF DISCIPLINE:  This is the bedrock of all, self discipline is the only thing t
hat can make one sticlk to all that is planned, one has to consciously discipline one
self to do things right, you have to be disciplined to be able to stick to deadlines, and
side line distractions, so that one can do the right things at the right time.
I hope this helps, do have a lovely  week ahead.
Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill. 
Christopher Parker

Sunday, April 19, 2015


  Hello lovely people, Happy Sunday, mehn i really enjoyed this weekend as i
 got to relax well and i was so happy to be in the presence of my King today.
i just can't stop loving my Abba Father.
 Sometimes in life when a certain door closes, especially when we lose something
very precious to us whether a job, or someone you love e.t.c, it takes very long to
 recover from the after effect, we look so long at the closed door that we don't
 remember God's promises . i stumbled on this bible verse today ; 
 Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.
 Behold I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?
 I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.
 Isaiah 43: 18-19.
    Yes God is telling you to move on, he is telling you to just trust him, believe in him
 and he will make a way, in this bible verse he even promised to make a way in the
 wilderness and rivers in the desert, so instead of crying over spilled milk, instead
of sulking for that loss, just believe in God and hold on to the promises of this
bible verse, Forget the pat and God will do a new thing. May God do new thing
s for us all this new week in Jesus name. Do have a lovely week ahead dearies.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


     Hello darlings, good morning, happy weekend, tanks so much for your 
 love and concern on yesterday's post, God bless you all abundantly.
 so there has been this random thought on my mind for a while, i have
 come to realise that when you are in love nothing matters to you than being
 loved back and for ladies lemme say the only things that matters is love, 
care and attention. so when i saw this article on Facebook, i totally felt the
 writer just put my mind in words; enjoy

Women are like Plants! They are Mother Nature!
They need constant Love!Care!& Attention to grow
just the way you want them to...

If these three things aint available from YOU who claims to
Love them,then be rest assured SOMEONE else is standing 
by to assume your duty...

Yes! A relationship is full time job, but the job itself is the woman
 you're in it with! Notwithstanding though, Men are also meant 
to be Cared for/Attended to,but its unlike women.....

Being Realistic here, women love LOVE!
so, if they lack it from YOU! then they'd give in to the NEXT 
available giver...

so! while you are going unto a woman, make sure you 
don't slack on these Three things, else, you'd come out
you have to be constant on them!..
 if  you can't, then don't bother going after them

so thats it, i agree with the writer to some extent because when a woman 
is in love, money or other things does not matter, what matters most is the 
love, care and attention...what do you think???

Friday, April 17, 2015


  Hello lovely people, good morning, TGIF, i really need to give myself a
break this weekend and just relax, have been having too many things on
my mind lately, i feel like am going to explode anytime soon, now Olabisi Onabanjo Uni
just compounded my problem by closing their masters application portal when i
have not finished my registration,i don't know if there are people like me that just
 like to drag things unnecessarily and procastinate till that thing is too late, choi,
 May God help me.
   Today's article was written by a friend of mine and he asked me to share,
 and i can totally relate, if we prepare before hand i guess no one would be
 in the situation i am right now, enjoy! and do share how you feel.
In the time of danger, the least prepared becomes the first casualty.
In the time of reward, the least prepared loses out eventually.
In the time of survival, the least prepared fails woefully.

Preparation is a key to survival, evolution, success, greatness. ...just name any
good thing.
Having an attitude of preparation created for a time of contingency can save you
 from a lot of trouble....for the time you will need it.
Do not go into any territory without having a level of intelligence about that territory.
 It's mediocre to use the information of yesterday to live your today.
Over the night, through the process if time, some things may have changed.
 The eventuality of such seemingly harmless variables could play a major role
 in the outcome of things.
Today is a good day.
Think about it.
Be prepared for it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


   Hello beautiful people, happy mid-week, the weekend is closing in again, all glory to
 God for life and peaceful living, tanks so much for all the birthday wishes and love you
showed to my friend yesterday, you guys rock mehn, God bless and uplift you all In
Jesus today is another Wednesday to inspire and help someone to better,
 you know we have been doing this for a while, if you missed the first feature,
you can read it here.

 Today we will be talking about the 4ps to successful life and living, the 4ps are ;
 PATIENCE: you have to learn the act of been patient, takes life easy, even if you
 dn't have all you want learn to be able to wait on God, do not rush, every decision
 taken in haste are always regretted later, learn to take life cool and calm.
PERSISTENCE: never give up,keep doing your thing, tiny drops makes an ocean,
 start small and be consistent, never quit, keep giving your passion your best and
watch it yield to success, do not be discouraged by criticism but let them be
 bedrock for improvement.
PERSEVERANCE: life is not a bed of roses, as human, we have our down times,
 do not let your down times weigh you down, learn to endure and always know
that you are greaterthan any challenge that comes your way, challenges are there
 to make us stronger, if you have never been hungry you won't know the value of
 food, so learn to hang in there, even if things are not as you expected, persevere
 and know that does down times are for a while, you ll overcome it
PRAYERFUL: Be prayerful, they say good things require prayers and also the
not so good ones too do require prayers, prayer is anyone's weapon to wield
through the wars of life, for me prayer is my way of communicating with my
maker, and he hears me all the time, prayer is my compass of going through life
 and believe you me it has never lead or directed me to a wrong path.
Try out this 4ps of life and you will find yourself doing much better in life with
 less worries.what do you think?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


 Am not so elated or happy with this post, i can't believe its one year already,
so its one year since some set of girls were abducted and denied their human and
 logical rights??? i feel very bad and sad because i know how i use to feel if am not
 in my comfort zone for just one day not to talk of  one year, so on this post i just
want to say prayers for the girls since have seen that nothing else can bring them
back except prayers, all the tweets, hash tags, facebook post and street protest
seems not to bring any result one year after

  I know God is an unchangeable changer and there is nothing that seem impossible
before God, so today i join my heart with that of many Nigerians and am asking dear
 Lord that you perform wonders, Lord wherever the girls are as you delivered Daniel
 from the Lion's Den, we pray that you will deliver them and bring them to their
 parents and loved ones safely, as the Lion could not hurt Daniel, let their abductors
 not be able to hurt them, Lord have mercy and hear our pleas in Jesus name.
Please say at least a word of Prayer for the Chibok girls today.


Hello my lovely people, how are you?how is the week going?  so today is
my run away away bestie's birthday, this amazing friend of mine though crazy
in every aspect is wonderful, we use to rock together in my undergraduate
 days and the things we did ehen *lip sealed*
fine woman

 Throughout our days in the uni people use to call us twins because to some we look
alike but i don't always accept it anyway except we are up to some mischief,

undergraduate days
so my amazing people, help me make my friend feel special and loved, please drop
 a prayer for her in the comment section. For me my prayer for her is that God will
lead and direct her path, God will take every spirit of stubbornness from her life, she 
can be very stubborn hen, and then by this time next year we will be wishing her
 happy birthday day  in her husband's house, May God grant all her heart desires
and always uplift her In Jesus Name. Do have a major one dear and don't forget to
 send our share of the cake.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


 Hello darlings, happy Sunday, may God make this week a blessed one for me,
 you and our families, my weekend was a busy one sha, though it was eventful
 but in all i just give glory to God
    i have learnt to trust God at all times, because in doing so, i usually have to 
give thanks at all at times, whenever i just leave any aspect of my life to God it
 usually ends in praise, few months to the end of my National Youth Service last
 year, i had so many fears, what next? what will i do? where will i get a job? what 
will become of me? but throughout this time i had this friend who is always there to
 encourage me, he always tells me to trust God and allow God put everything into 
place, all through those periods too, my devotionals were talking about trusting God
 and waiting, all this things eliminated my fears and i decided to face life with bravery 
and trusting God and believe me its 6 months down the line now since i finished
 NYSC, i Can sing of God's faithfulness, since i have finished, i have never lacked 
anything good, at every point when am in need God has been very faithful, i might
 not have my dream job or house or Car yet but i  can say i am better than when i
 was serving and things are still improving by his grace.
see my pretty face-lol

  so today, i just want to charge us not to battle with God, sometimes, his will might be
 different from ours, sometimes you might not even like what God wants for you, but 
believe me if you trust and leave it in God's hand it will end in praise. 
Have a lovely week ahead people.


 Hello lovely people, you still remember about celebrity post bah? if not read the ist
 feature here to know what its about. Today Nadia buhari, lover of the nollywood Actor 
Jim, expresses her feelings, she took to twitter to express her feelings yesterday afternoon,
 see it below
source:linda ikeji blog
I can totally relate to this feeling, its just like she puts my feelings in words, 
nice one Nadia!
source: linda ikeji blog

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Hello darlings,how are you doing today? fine i guess, well today am not in my 
best mood, i pray God would guide and direct my path In Jesus name.
   so there is this viral news about an house help kidnapping her boss's three 
children, am tired of all this hous helps betraying their boss but i feel parents 
too should not let their guards down, how can you entrust your children to 
someone you hardly know? yes the technology has advanced but how can
 you take sensitive things like an house help online??? for me its a no no, 
i pray that God will bring those children home divinely In Jesusname
   I really believe that somethings are better done physically than behind a 
computer screen , although we have heard good news of people who met
 online, got married  and are waxing stronger but i want to believe that 70% 
of this relationship don't last, i don't believe in online mingling, yes we can make
 friends and meet nice people but when it comes to matters of the heart, its a nay
 for me...what do you think? 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Good morning lovely people, how is everyone doing? its few days to the 
Gubernatorial elections, and i am praying that the peace that accompanied 
the presidential elections will follow suit in all the states where the gubernatorials
 are taking place.
  To Err is human, as human beings we are prone to offend and step on each other's
 toes but our ability to forget and let go is what makes the world a better place, why
 hold grudges??? i have come to understand that holding grudges burdens the heart, 
it does the person holding the grudges more harm than the person it is being held against, 
holding grudges makes us static rather than moving forward.

   Sometimes we even fail to forgive ourselves, probably something has happened
 to you in the past that you feel its your fault, then you start holding grudges against 
your self, you hold on to the past instead of just letting go and concentrating on the
 future, why spend meaningful productive years dwelling on past mistakes? why not
 just let go and move on to doing better things for yourself
 why hold grudges??? why not just forgive that your neighbor and move on, why not
 just forgive yourself and stop dwelling on past failures, To Err is human and to forgive
  is Divine, in forgiving we get forgiveness from God, even the bible commands us to
 forgive, just dwell on how many times you have sinned against God since you were born
 and how he has been forgiving you and forgive that person you are holding in your heart,
 just let it go! letting go is refreshing.
Forgiveness is not always easy .At times, it feels more painful than the wound 
we suffered,to forgive the one that inflicted it, And yet, there is no peace without
 forgiveness- Marianne Williamson

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 Hello! How is your day going? so i don't know if you have heard the supposed
 threat the Oba of Lagos was dishing out to the igbos if they don't vote for his
 choice of candidate in the gubernatorial elections, and a whole lot of reactions
have accompanied this issue but my opinion is that regardless of tribal differences
we are one in Nigeria.
its funny how Nigerians shout CHANGE CHANGE when we can't even change
trivial issue like tribalism,  Yorubas don't like Ibos, Ibos don't like hausa, hausa does
 not like yoruba e.t.c, if we are divided like that how do we ever want to move forward
as a nation?my thought is that if the Oba truly said those statements, he should retract it
and apologise to the Ndigbos, why didn't he say any lagosians, why did he have to specify
 only one tribe, the fundamental problem of Nigeria is tribalism and i am a yoruba babe but
 i will like to say it is common with the yorubas.
if we want Nigeria to move forward we must treat ourselves as one, in the kingdom of God
 we are one, so why discriminate. My thoughts


    Good morning lovely people, how is everyone doing? how does it feel going back
 to work after the long Easter+ weekend holiday??? and please before i write 
today's post, i want to rant a little, Nigerians really have to take it easy with the 
hateful comments, i was watching a program where Omoni Oboli was being 
interviewed and i was feeling bad at the hateful comments thrown at her, why
 hate on people who are doing their things and hustling to make it in life, when 
if u see them in reality you don't measure up to the shoes they wear, this celebs
 are buying new cars, signing endorsements and making money while you are
 there with your nokia 3310 phone dishing out hateful comments, get a life!!! 
  So back to the post, here are the seven types of guys ladies dislike, are there 
the ones i didn't mention?? do add it in the comment section.
pic source:goggle

STINGY GUYS: yes no lady wants to follow a guy whom Aradite(glue) has 
glued his hand, I can't part with little things type of guys should just forget about
 ladies because they are a huge turn off.
TALKATIVE GUYS :  i know ladies are believed to be the talking ones, so 
how do we deal with Mr always talking whether relevant or irrelevant, for me
 personally i get bored and i will just be looking as if am getting what you saying 
while the reverse is the case, i can't deal mehn.
ARROGANT GUYS : some guys are just very Arrogant, they could go on and
 on about their lekki mansion, their father be this and that, and then they lack little
 manners because of their arrogance, who cares about who you are?
GUYS WHO CAN LIE FOR AFRICA : for me personally Lies is a big turn off,
 i hate guys who are not real and who lie about little things.
SMELLY GUYS: Ladies dislike guys who don't smell nice, as a guy you should 
invest in good body deodorants and then your breath must be freash and not smelly
 for whatever reason.
EGOMANIACS: Some men Egos are very annoying, some guys just believe 
because they are men they are not suppose to do certain things e.g saying sorry or 
showing how they feel.... no way i hate egomaniacs
INSECURE GUYS: a man should be confident of himself and ladies dislike men 
who act otherwise

Monday, April 6, 2015


Hello my sweeties, how are you today???  how did your weekends go? 
any turn up as it was Easter weekend so i guess it would be fun filled, not like 
mine, i had to celebrate alone as DFH was not around so that was the inspiration 
for this post, tips on how to keep your relationship balling even if you and your 
 spouse are not always together.
 yes communication is the soul of business and every other thing in life,
 steady communication makes it feel like that person far away is beside you, 
if you can't see them all the time at least you can hear from them as much as possible,
 keep each other abreast of what is happening where you are, talk at length and
 keep no secrets.
out of sight they say is not out of mind and in this generation of ours, the technology 
has developed to our favor, make that special person in your life feel special always,
 send them thoughtful bbm messages, voice notes e.t.c just to remind them of how
 special they are, spice up your relationship even when you guys are not together, 
don't let the chemistry wear out.
 some people are just very good at emitting bad vibes, they just don't like when the
 other person is happy, most times people like this are like; do you know what he is
 doing where he is??? then you will start developing unnecessary issues of trust, they
 can even say they are talking from experience, do not entertain such people or else 
they will just be polluting your mind.
 whenever you guys are together, create memories that can be cherished, spend time
 together and do thoughtful things that leave memory to be cherished.
 Yes! get a life, get busy where ever you are, an idle mind they say is the devil's
 workshop,start something that could keep you busy so that the devil would 
  not use you.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hello everyone, happy Easter Sunday to you, it is my earnest prayer that this
 season brings good tidings to you and your family, you and all your loved one 
shall not lack anything good this season and all the rest days of your lives In 
Jesus Name, do have a fun filled day and and remember celebrate wisely.
  So TODAY I WANT TO PRAISE God from the depth of my heart, God
 has been good to me, whenever am down, broken, sad, needy and unhappy 
God's love is the only source i have to keep going, God has been very kind
 to me in every aspect of my life, everywhere i go i feel his presence in my life,
 not only did he die for me, he is always with me, who am i not to give him glory, 
who am i not to bless his holy name, who am i not to exalt him, i am just filled with
 God's love and happiness, his joy fills my heart so much, i just can't stop praising 
his holy name.Thank you Abba father.
 i just want to reach out to you, maybe you feel no one cares for you, you  feel no 
one loves you, you are sad, you are broken, you are in need, you are broke or you
 are just feeling something is not right in your life.....the good news is Christ loves you,
 he cares about you and he is working on your case just believe him in God and have faith.  


Friday, April 3, 2015


 As a new feature on the blog, and with aim towards serving you my lovely
people better, am introducing celebrity post, on this feature am going to be
posting epic tweets nor snapshots from our celebrities talking about love,
life and relationship. enjoy!
 Today Annie Idibia has something to tell us;
True talk Annie


   Hello! Hello! Hello, am so glad to be writing this post, today makes it exactly
one moth i wrote my very first post, and since them, i have received so much
love and encouragements form you lovely people, you all are amazing people mehn.
Thank you so much for always stopping by, for all your wonderful comments
 *kneeling down* thank you and God bless you, you and you. and to all our
ghost readers thank you too.

  yaay its Good Friday  and christ is the reason for the season, Today just reminds me
of how special i am to God..... and how he loves  me  so much,  Christ died for me and
you, yes he died for our sins John 3:16 
  So in all your celebrations, remember Christ is the reason for the season,
 DO NOT celebrate him in an ungodly manner ,don't celebrate an holy God
 in all ungodly manner and remember God loves you so do I. Happy Good Friday


Thursday, April 2, 2015


Hiya lovely people, how is the day going? mine is going on well except that
am feeling a little lazy today, so am dedicating today's post to my lovely,
sugarcoated, beautiful and amazingly intelligent sister; Adetona Esther,
here we are saying Happy birthday to this beautiful diva and  my sincere
 prayer is that she will feel God's presence mightily in every aspect of her life.
isn't she amazingly beautiful????

  So, all you have to do to show my amazing sister some love is to drop a comment
wishing her a happy birthday in the comment section.
         So there has been this random thought on my mind for about some weeks now,
 don't you think the male folks are asking for too much from us as  ladies?? 
As a lady you have to be beautiful physically, you have to have a good character,
 you have to know how to clean the house , cook and keep the home generally
and then you have to be intelligent and what do they have to offer more than  marrying
you and making sure to take responsibility of the home, one day i heard a dude saying
my wife must be intelligent o even though am not, so that our children can be intelligent
and in my mind i was like *did you just spew that rubbish*
So what do you think??? let's talk, should guys too not have all this things they are
asking us ladies to have?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


  Hello everyone,Happy new month, may it be a month of multiple and 
abundant blessings for us all In Jesus name, the month of march was an 
awesome month for me and i am believing God that April will be better,
what about you? Thanks so much for been a part of the blog in the month of March,
 lets do it together in April. So in a few days time, am going to be celebrating 
one month on blogs ville, i think there is going to be a give away, watch this space *bats lashes*

 In life, we all have big dreams, but not all comes into actualization, 
Some people just kill their dreams because they feel they don't have the
 necessary resources to achieve their dream, some people have ideas that 
can rule the world but they just let it die away because they didn't start at all. 
  Why not start small and  watch that Dream materialize? Successful entrepreneurs
 usually create more than one business over the course of a lifetime. they usually 
start with something simple which they know they can do very well, Then, they move 
on to grater and more complex challenges.

  I have a couple of friends who are CEO of their own self made companies, they started
 with what they have, instead of crying of how many years you have been looking for job, 
why not start something for yourself
 THE WORLD STARTED SMALL; Why can't you start small???
why can't you start small?
SOMEWHERE; why can't you start from somewhere?