Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hello my lovely people, how are you?how is the week going?  so today is
my run away away bestie's birthday, this amazing friend of mine though crazy
in every aspect is wonderful, we use to rock together in my undergraduate
 days and the things we did ehen *lip sealed*
fine woman

 Throughout our days in the uni people use to call us twins because to some we look
alike but i don't always accept it anyway except we are up to some mischief,

undergraduate days
so my amazing people, help me make my friend feel special and loved, please drop
 a prayer for her in the comment section. For me my prayer for her is that God will
lead and direct her path, God will take every spirit of stubbornness from her life, she 
can be very stubborn hen, and then by this time next year we will be wishing her
 happy birthday day  in her husband's house, May God grant all her heart desires
and always uplift her In Jesus Name. Do have a major one dear and don't forget to
 send our share of the cake.


  1. a very troublesome yet playful girl. met her on facebook before meeting physically.
    happy to see you grow into that lady cherished by all.
    She's always on my case and I guess I've surprised her a couple of times.
    My prayer for you is that your desires be met and your heart be gladdened althrough this year and always. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT GOD LOVES YOU BEYOND THOUGHT. Tolu Francis

    1. Tanks Toluse......Amen to all your prayers

  2. *****Happy Birthday***** to your Bestie! May God Provide for her/all each and Every Need and Bless her/all with True Love, Health, Happiness, Peace and Grace Always. In the name of Jesus Christ we Pray. Amen.

    Would be Interesting to hear what she has to tell us about you ... he he :)

    Hope your Day is as Awesome as you! :)


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