Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hello lovely people, happy Sunday and happy new week, am sorry today's post is
 coming late, phcn or phc whatever is really dealing with us,May this new week
 bring new blessings, abundant joy and multiple blessings to you and your family
 In Jesus name.

  Today is the last sunday of the month and i just decided to open a gratitude post,
 i know in one way or the other God as being good to each and everyone of us since
 the beginning of this month, we might not just know it, sometimes we don't thank
God for our comfort because we don't know what it means to be uncomfortable,
 if you have never been hungry then you won't know how to be thankful for food
,if you have not been to the hospital lately, you won't know how to be thankful for

 good health, like my pastor once said,if two people embarks on a journey and
 one comes back safely without experiencing anything on the road while the other
 comes back safely too after been attacked by armed robbers on the road, its the
 one that was robbed thatwill be thankful the most whereas its the one that didn't
 experience anything that should be thankful the most. so here is an opportunity for
 you to share what you are thankful for, think deep, look around you and thank God
 for that thing that looks normal to you because it didn't just happen God is the
 reason behind it

   Money can buy a house but money can't buy peace of mind, money can
buy food, but money can't help you to eat it, why not just give God the glory
 he deserves, For me i have so many things to be thankful for, I thank God for
 the love he has been showing me always, for his faithfulness even in my
unfaithfulness,the shelter, the feeding and for keeping me and my family safe.
In this month of April everything that seem like a burden to me , God turned
 them around for good,i might not have all that i want, but am thankful for all
 that i have and all the amazing people in my life, May his name be praised forever,
 what about you??? share your testimony with us..... Do have a lovely week ahead


  1. Thankful for life, and everything else. Have a wonderful week and thanks for sharing!

  2. Father I bless You......

  3. Good to give God thanks.

  4. Thank you for this! I am Thankful for and Cherish Every Moment!
    Everything that's happened in life that were disappointing, heartbreaking even being "given up for dead" are packed with lessons learned!
    This is a never ending list ... Truly Blessed!
    Hope God shares the Blessings with everyone!
    Thank You Father Amen

    Have a Great Day! :)


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