Tuesday, April 7, 2015


    Good morning lovely people, how is everyone doing? how does it feel going back
 to work after the long Easter+ weekend holiday??? and please before i write 
today's post, i want to rant a little, Nigerians really have to take it easy with the 
hateful comments, i was watching a program where Omoni Oboli was being 
interviewed and i was feeling bad at the hateful comments thrown at her, why
 hate on people who are doing their things and hustling to make it in life, when 
if u see them in reality you don't measure up to the shoes they wear, this celebs
 are buying new cars, signing endorsements and making money while you are
 there with your nokia 3310 phone dishing out hateful comments, get a life!!! 
  So back to the post, here are the seven types of guys ladies dislike, are there 
the ones i didn't mention?? do add it in the comment section.
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STINGY GUYS: yes no lady wants to follow a guy whom Aradite(glue) has 
glued his hand, I can't part with little things type of guys should just forget about
 ladies because they are a huge turn off.
TALKATIVE GUYS :  i know ladies are believed to be the talking ones, so 
how do we deal with Mr always talking whether relevant or irrelevant, for me
 personally i get bored and i will just be looking as if am getting what you saying 
while the reverse is the case, i can't deal mehn.
ARROGANT GUYS : some guys are just very Arrogant, they could go on and
 on about their lekki mansion, their father be this and that, and then they lack little
 manners because of their arrogance, who cares about who you are?
GUYS WHO CAN LIE FOR AFRICA : for me personally Lies is a big turn off,
 i hate guys who are not real and who lie about little things.
SMELLY GUYS: Ladies dislike guys who don't smell nice, as a guy you should 
invest in good body deodorants and then your breath must be freash and not smelly
 for whatever reason.
EGOMANIACS: Some men Egos are very annoying, some guys just believe 
because they are men they are not suppose to do certain things e.g saying sorry or 
showing how they feel.... no way i hate egomaniacs
INSECURE GUYS: a man should be confident of himself and ladies dislike men 
who act otherwise


  1. Hey Debbie hope all is Well with you today! :)

    Read your post on Discrimination! I was born in the US, but the message rings so True in worldwide! May God fill every soul, spirit, mind, heart and home with His Love! :D

    You can add Jealous and Lazy guys to that list ... in my opinion!

    Thank you so much for commenting on Meshele's post! She's so young and battled health issues for years! Not many follow her and I know you lifted her spirits! ;)

    I Pray people living in war torn areas! I follow several Nigerian bloggers and each are like yourself ... Intelligent and just the Sweetest! :)

    May God continue to Bless, Protect and Provide for you, your Family and all our Sisters and Brothers! Wishing you a Splendid Day! :)

  2. Aww... its my pleasure to visit Meshele, all i wish to do in life is to reach and uplift someone, so am glad i found her blog, Amen to all your prayers dear, Tanks for always stopping by, May God bless all you lay your hands upon

  3. I can say ladies make guys become talkatives.
    nice one


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