Sunday, April 12, 2015


 Hello darlings, happy Sunday, may God make this week a blessed one for me,
 you and our families, my weekend was a busy one sha, though it was eventful
 but in all i just give glory to God
    i have learnt to trust God at all times, because in doing so, i usually have to 
give thanks at all at times, whenever i just leave any aspect of my life to God it
 usually ends in praise, few months to the end of my National Youth Service last
 year, i had so many fears, what next? what will i do? where will i get a job? what 
will become of me? but throughout this time i had this friend who is always there to
 encourage me, he always tells me to trust God and allow God put everything into 
place, all through those periods too, my devotionals were talking about trusting God
 and waiting, all this things eliminated my fears and i decided to face life with bravery 
and trusting God and believe me its 6 months down the line now since i finished
 NYSC, i Can sing of God's faithfulness, since i have finished, i have never lacked 
anything good, at every point when am in need God has been very faithful, i might
 not have my dream job or house or Car yet but i  can say i am better than when i
 was serving and things are still improving by his grace.
see my pretty face-lol

  so today, i just want to charge us not to battle with God, sometimes, his will might be
 different from ours, sometimes you might not even like what God wants for you, but 
believe me if you trust and leave it in God's hand it will end in praise. 
Have a lovely week ahead people.


  1. Truth girl....I can say boldly that trusting God is the best option when I'm worried.
    Beautiful babe♡♡♡♡♡

    1. tanks for stopping by Ugo, God bless you.

  2. Even when men fail, God never fails. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing that, nice week!

  4. Wow! God is ever so faithful. Nice piece dear

  5. He's able dearie..... Nice pic, I gat u always

  6. Keep trusting Sweetheart. He never fails those who COMPLETELY TRUST in Him. You will get there!


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