Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Good morning lovely people, how is everyone doing? its few days to the 
Gubernatorial elections, and i am praying that the peace that accompanied 
the presidential elections will follow suit in all the states where the gubernatorials
 are taking place.
  To Err is human, as human beings we are prone to offend and step on each other's
 toes but our ability to forget and let go is what makes the world a better place, why
 hold grudges??? i have come to understand that holding grudges burdens the heart, 
it does the person holding the grudges more harm than the person it is being held against, 
holding grudges makes us static rather than moving forward.

   Sometimes we even fail to forgive ourselves, probably something has happened
 to you in the past that you feel its your fault, then you start holding grudges against 
your self, you hold on to the past instead of just letting go and concentrating on the
 future, why spend meaningful productive years dwelling on past mistakes? why not
 just let go and move on to doing better things for yourself
 why hold grudges??? why not just forgive that your neighbor and move on, why not
 just forgive yourself and stop dwelling on past failures, To Err is human and to forgive
  is Divine, in forgiving we get forgiveness from God, even the bible commands us to
 forgive, just dwell on how many times you have sinned against God since you were born
 and how he has been forgiving you and forgive that person you are holding in your heart,
 just let it go! letting go is refreshing.
Forgiveness is not always easy .At times, it feels more painful than the wound 
we suffered,to forgive the one that inflicted it, And yet, there is no peace without
 forgiveness- Marianne Williamson


  1. Forgiveness, that word holds a huge meaning to me mehn....How are you mami...

    1. Am very good mami, Tanks for stopping by

  2. Hmmmmm....
    Like my mom wld say "I can forgive but I can't forget" which is true.
    Hello dear

    1. lol jummy, To forgive and forget is the most refreshing thing to do, tanks for stopping by dear

  3. Honestly, I forgive other people more than I forgive myself, I really hope to learn how to forgive myself more often.


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