Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello lovely people, wow, today is the last day of the month of April, happy new month
 in advance lovely people, i don't know why but am so excited today.
  As a new feature to the blog, am bringing LOVE THURSDAY to you, so every Thursday,
 i will bring issues on Love and relationship here to be discussed, you may have issues
 you like to be discussed here, do send me a mail
  and i will publish it, lets do this together people

 so on today's post we will be talking about being friends with your Ex, a lot of
people don't allow their spouses to be friends with their Ex because most times they
don't feel secure about this friendship, for some they think there could be spill over
 feelings while other people don't just like the idea at all, for me i don't see anything
 wrong in it, as i believe that been friends with an Ex does not mean any harm, once
 am done then am done, and then i believe that No one is an island, someday somehow
, our paths could still cross will i say because we once dated and it didn't work out then
 i can't help or can't receive help from an Ex.
 Yes i know some Ex left bitter pills, but then again we already talked about forgiveness
 and letting go, so i want to hear from you, do you think its ok to be friends with your Ex
 or are you are part of the team no way once we are done ,we are done, we can't be
 friends and another thing is can you allow your spouse be friends with their EX?


  1. Different strokes, different folks I guess. If you are comfortable with staying friends, then I see why not.

  2. Don't have Ex I only Have Past.... If You Are Cool Then Why Not...?

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  4. I won't say I'm friends with my exes but I'm cool with all of them. No hard feelings anywhere :D

  5. No hard feelings but we cannot remain friends.

  6. to me is not really encouraging, cos it might endanger your chances of moving forward with your newly found heart desire

  7. Depends ... In general yes! If they Mistreated, Stalked, took advantage, tried to drag you Down ... or know unless they change they will continue Hurt those around them ... Oh Heck No!

    We must Forgive, Love and Pray for everyone ... but Friendship is Love and who would Intentionally choose a Friend? ... my opinion.

  8. I am still friend with all my exes. Plus the one that broke my heart o and the one i broke his heart...and even the one that took my cherry *covers face*. For me once its over,,,it over. I am not so much of an emotional person so its quite easy for me. I just dont have time to is too fun to keep a long as my ex is cool and matured then i'm cool. shikena...*drops mic*


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