Thursday, April 2, 2015


Hiya lovely people, how is the day going? mine is going on well except that
am feeling a little lazy today, so am dedicating today's post to my lovely,
sugarcoated, beautiful and amazingly intelligent sister; Adetona Esther,
here we are saying Happy birthday to this beautiful diva and  my sincere
 prayer is that she will feel God's presence mightily in every aspect of her life.
isn't she amazingly beautiful????

  So, all you have to do to show my amazing sister some love is to drop a comment
wishing her a happy birthday in the comment section.
         So there has been this random thought on my mind for about some weeks now,
 don't you think the male folks are asking for too much from us as  ladies?? 
As a lady you have to be beautiful physically, you have to have a good character,
 you have to know how to clean the house , cook and keep the home generally
and then you have to be intelligent and what do they have to offer more than  marrying
you and making sure to take responsibility of the home, one day i heard a dude saying
my wife must be intelligent o even though am not, so that our children can be intelligent
and in my mind i was like *did you just spew that rubbish*
So what do you think??? let's talk, should guys too not have all this things they are
asking us ladies to have?


  1. HBD Beautiful
    May God bless u in all ramifications.
    We are all equal in the sight of God but in this world we live in,its a man's world

  2. WOWWWWWWWW!!!! JIBBYKS, U jez gah me speechless, how can i ever b grateful to you. My jewel, u are a Darling

  3. I Rilly appreciates dis, as u celebrate with me today I pray u shall not av any cause to shed tears today and always. Me luv you scatter. Tanx jummy jenmi, u are blessed as well...

  4. *****HAPPY BIRTHDAY***** Adetona Esther!
    Wishing You Many, Many, Many Blessed, Loving, Happy, Healthy, Positive and Prosperous Returns! :D
    (sorry it's belated)

    Yeah guys do Expect too Much from us and the Majority have a Convenient way of Forgetting treat us as Equal Partners, not their personal servants! But ...

    There are still some Good and Humble Men around ... so remain Positive! :) *fingers crossed*

    1. Ameeeeennnn ijn. Tanx so much cheri... Me Rilly appreciate.


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