Friday, April 17, 2015


  Hello lovely people, good morning, TGIF, i really need to give myself a
break this weekend and just relax, have been having too many things on
my mind lately, i feel like am going to explode anytime soon, now Olabisi Onabanjo Uni
just compounded my problem by closing their masters application portal when i
have not finished my registration,i don't know if there are people like me that just
 like to drag things unnecessarily and procastinate till that thing is too late, choi,
 May God help me.
   Today's article was written by a friend of mine and he asked me to share,
 and i can totally relate, if we prepare before hand i guess no one would be
 in the situation i am right now, enjoy! and do share how you feel.
In the time of danger, the least prepared becomes the first casualty.
In the time of reward, the least prepared loses out eventually.
In the time of survival, the least prepared fails woefully.

Preparation is a key to survival, evolution, success, greatness. ...just name any
good thing.
Having an attitude of preparation created for a time of contingency can save you
 from a lot of trouble....for the time you will need it.
Do not go into any territory without having a level of intelligence about that territory.
 It's mediocre to use the information of yesterday to live your today.
Over the night, through the process if time, some things may have changed.
 The eventuality of such seemingly harmless variables could play a major role
 in the outcome of things.
Today is a good day.
Think about it.
Be prepared for it.


  1. Preparation is key, I fully agree. Thanks for that, and happy weekend!

  2. Lol I feel like the writer was talking to me. I'm such a bad planner. I just take it as it comes, but I'm trying to change. Sorry about your situation, you should call their help desk or something.

    1. awwww.....tanks for stopping by molola and tanks for your concern, God bless you

  3. I find this really helpful. Thanks sweet Jibbyks! Someone said when preparation meets opportunity, success appears. I couldn't agree more.

    PS: Dear, please create time to relax o. We need you in your best health and state. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. This is nice and very well written.
    I love the fact that he said you can't use yesterday's information today.
    We always have to do our research and be up to date.

    1. awww....tanks for stopping by funmi, God bless you

  5. Beautifully Written! Hope they allow you finish your app! Idk why but it seems every college/university tries make getting an Education an Uphill Battle!

    Try to Relax place it in Gods Hands *Prayer and Positive thoughts* :)

    1. tanks cherri, of course i will, God bless your beautiful heart.

  6. Wow God bless the writer he/she nailed it.

  7. Hmmm amazing piece.., preparation helps always... Thank for sharing... Hopefully they'll open the portal for you..


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