Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Hello beautiful people, how are you today? Trust you fine, the month of April is gradually
 coming to an end, am so excited, whoop! it means alert go soon enter bah?

 Well this post is going to be very short but i hope it will be very interactive too,
i have noticed a norm that is fast becoming part of our society, i noticed that this
days people care more about wedding than marriage,

Ask me how? for so many reasons the big day takes the whole of a person's mind that
sometimes they just ignore the important things to look out for before marriage like
 i discussed here , for some people they just want their friends and everyone that has
 mocked them to see that they are getting married too, so they focus so much on wedding
 rather than marriage and after marriage, for other people the desperation to just be called
 Mrs something just makes them want wedding more than marriage while for other people
 so that the society can accept them, they stage a wedding forgetting that marriage is an institution,
 so let's talk, Do you think wedding is fast overshadowing the purpose of marriage and why do you
think so, or you don't agree with me on this issue, let's talk please people make this as interactive as possible.......


  1. Yes! I believe that elaborate wedding ceremony is really overshadowing what marriage actually stands for...I mean, have you seen some wedding ceremonies on IG?? Ugh!

  2. People are so interested in the wedding than the marriage. Spend all their fortune on wedding forgetting about the marriage. May God help us



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