Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hello everyone, happy Easter Sunday to you, it is my earnest prayer that this
 season brings good tidings to you and your family, you and all your loved one 
shall not lack anything good this season and all the rest days of your lives In 
Jesus Name, do have a fun filled day and and remember celebrate wisely.
  So TODAY I WANT TO PRAISE God from the depth of my heart, God
 has been good to me, whenever am down, broken, sad, needy and unhappy 
God's love is the only source i have to keep going, God has been very kind
 to me in every aspect of my life, everywhere i go i feel his presence in my life,
 not only did he die for me, he is always with me, who am i not to give him glory, 
who am i not to bless his holy name, who am i not to exalt him, i am just filled with
 God's love and happiness, his joy fills my heart so much, i just can't stop praising 
his holy name.Thank you Abba father.
 i just want to reach out to you, maybe you feel no one cares for you, you  feel no 
one loves you, you are sad, you are broken, you are in need, you are broke or you
 are just feeling something is not right in your life.....the good news is Christ loves you,
 he cares about you and he is working on your case just believe him in God and have faith.  



  1. Many thanks, and have a great Easter!

    1. Tanks for stopping by and happy Easter to you too

  2. Thank you so Much for the Beautiful Prayer! :D

    Your message is on point! God is Love and is Providing for our needs even when it may feel as we're all alone He has, is and will Always be with those that Believe! :)

    Thanks again! :) May God be With, Lead, Guide, Direct, Comfort, Bless, Heal, Mend, Protect and Provide for you, your Family and for us all. Amen.


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