Tuesday, April 14, 2015


 Am not so elated or happy with this post, i can't believe its one year already,
so its one year since some set of girls were abducted and denied their human and
 logical rights??? i feel very bad and sad because i know how i use to feel if am not
 in my comfort zone for just one day not to talk of  one year, so on this post i just
want to say prayers for the girls since have seen that nothing else can bring them
back except prayers, all the tweets, hash tags, facebook post and street protest
seems not to bring any result one year after

  I know God is an unchangeable changer and there is nothing that seem impossible
before God, so today i join my heart with that of many Nigerians and am asking dear
 Lord that you perform wonders, Lord wherever the girls are as you delivered Daniel
 from the Lion's Den, we pray that you will deliver them and bring them to their
 parents and loved ones safely, as the Lion could not hurt Daniel, let their abductors
 not be able to hurt them, Lord have mercy and hear our pleas in Jesus name.
Please say at least a word of Prayer for the Chibok girls today.


  1. It is sad that they haven't been found. and just like yesterday, it's one year. sad sad but aI pray God comforts the parents as He's been doing

    1. Amen! tanks for stopping by Toluse, its funny this is our ist way of communicating after spending some years together in the same BU compound

  2. Amen oooooooo. Watch d chibok girls 365 days on TV dis mawin.... Its just so sad, I pray God will make a way for d girls where dere seems to b no way.... Its now#bring back our women, cus dev already turned dis girls to women..... ***Tears****

    1. tanks for stopping by dearie, tanks for your support at all times, may God bring them back to us safely

  3. In my daily Prayers. Many are Praying and Hopefully your post will Remind the rest! Ayanbajo I Thank You for Each of those Beautiful Souls and their Families!

    Most of all God Thanks You :)

    Keep the Faith! You're Making a Difference so Smile :)

  4. Tanks Cheri, you are amazing and different and may God bless your beautiful heart.

  5. That was lovely, thanks for sharing*


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