Wednesday, April 15, 2015


   Hello beautiful people, happy mid-week, the weekend is closing in again, all glory to
 God for life and peaceful living, tanks so much for all the birthday wishes and love you
showed to my friend yesterday, you guys rock mehn, God bless and uplift you all In
Jesus today is another Wednesday to inspire and help someone to better,
 you know we have been doing this for a while, if you missed the first feature,
you can read it here.

 Today we will be talking about the 4ps to successful life and living, the 4ps are ;
 PATIENCE: you have to learn the act of been patient, takes life easy, even if you
 dn't have all you want learn to be able to wait on God, do not rush, every decision
 taken in haste are always regretted later, learn to take life cool and calm.
PERSISTENCE: never give up,keep doing your thing, tiny drops makes an ocean,
 start small and be consistent, never quit, keep giving your passion your best and
watch it yield to success, do not be discouraged by criticism but let them be
 bedrock for improvement.
PERSEVERANCE: life is not a bed of roses, as human, we have our down times,
 do not let your down times weigh you down, learn to endure and always know
that you are greaterthan any challenge that comes your way, challenges are there
 to make us stronger, if you have never been hungry you won't know the value of
 food, so learn to hang in there, even if things are not as you expected, persevere
 and know that does down times are for a while, you ll overcome it
PRAYERFUL: Be prayerful, they say good things require prayers and also the
not so good ones too do require prayers, prayer is anyone's weapon to wield
through the wars of life, for me prayer is my way of communicating with my
maker, and he hears me all the time, prayer is my compass of going through life
 and believe you me it has never lead or directed me to a wrong path.
Try out this 4ps of life and you will find yourself doing much better in life with
 less worries.what do you think?


  1. Yessss oooo. Tru talk my sister. May God see us through

  2. Thanks! currently dreaming with the 4Ps.

  3. Yes mami, the 4Ps of life......the easiest route to an easy lifestyle....


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