Tuesday, April 21, 2015


  Hello sweet people, how are you today, i feel so excited today, so whats its with
south Africans, are we not one in the kingdom of God???
   Well, we all love dates don't we? we all like those moments when we go out with
someone for a while, its amazing how some mistakes can be a turn off to that person
 who took you out or you that was taken out and you will be like,i won't go out with
this person anymore,especially if its a first date, you must get your acts together,
because there is no redo button for first impression,

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 Below are the common mistakes that can be disgusting;

BEING LATE;this is a total no no,no one likes to be kept waiting, it could be
annoying when one party has to wait so long before the other party arrives,
 especially if you both agreed to a certain time, it could speak volume on a
person's time management skills

DON'T COME WITH A FRIEND; two is company, three is a crowd,
don't come with a friend except you guys have agreed about it before.

BITING YOUR NAILS: sometimes dates might be awkward especially if its a
first date or you are not so farmilar with your date, but biting your nails is a bad
way to ease the tension, its a bad habit and its disgusting, yuck! its a big turn off.

FONDLING YOUR CELL PHONE OR GADGETS: don't relay on your gadgets
 to keep you company, when you have a date who is suppose to do that, it is
 annoying and irritating when you feel you don't have your date's attention .
 fondling with your gadgets may mean you are not so into your date, and you
 don't want to portray that outside
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TALKING WHEN YOUR MOUTH IS FULL: talking when your mouth is full is
bad table etiquette, and you don't want to let your date know that you have bad table
manners right? it even disgust some people, so don't ever try it.

  DON'T FORGET TO BE MODERATE; don't eat too much, don't talk too much,
 don't try to impress, just be yourself.


  1. Hey doll thanks for sharing this jare.

    The one I hate most is keeping me waiting. I just hate to sit alone and wait.

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  2. Great article. Thanks for sharing. I like it when the guy had to wait for the lady (me) and not the other way round. *grins*

  3. wow. Nice one Thanks for the info..


  4. Thanks for putting this up.


  5. Lol@ don't eat too much. Some turn it to an 'all you can eat' buffet time.

  6. Duly noted. Thanks.


  7. Not keeping to time is one thing I can't stand in people. I hate waiting and I always try to be on time. You've said it all dear



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