Friday, April 24, 2015


Hello my lovely, sweet, sugar coated darlings, TGIF! how is everyone doing???
 am sorry i was MIA yesterday, i had to go get some things done and it practically
 took the whole of my day, am very sorry, i miss everyone and and i miss doing
my blog rounds where i visit all my favorite blogs, so after this post i will just go
 round and catch up on all that i missed
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 straight to today's post, for a long time, have had the cause to wonder what it is
with the women folks, why don't we like ourselves, i arrived at this conclusion
 because a lot of time when i hear what a woman did to her fellow woman ,
I used to be amazed.
      Why is that when a woman knows where her fellow woman is making it
and suceeding, she will be full of envy and might even try to snatch it or destroy
 the place??? why is that a fellow woman will spill the secrets her friend kept with
 her just to get back at her friend, why is it that as women we are scared of each
 other, is it not a woman that keeps another woman's husband from concentrating
 on his home??

       Its been like this from generation to generation, and now i can see it happening
 in my generation too, i know its true though but it pierces my heart when i hear a lady
 say i don't have any female friends i prefer to be friends with guys, like seriously??
We women are each others problem
      At a point in my life my house use to look like a boy's hostel, that because my
 brother practically always brings one friend or the other to the house and when
 they are together you can feel the vibes of brotherhood flowing , all the salutations
 like bro, chairman, Boss e.t.c use to amaze me at the level of respect and maturity
they give each other  and the love that flows amongst them.
   But when you see, women together at the back of their mind is envy, jealousy,
 and Abosi as the Yoruba use to say, unlike guys you hear words such as bitch, hey e.t.c.
    So dear ladies, lets learn to love ourselves lets embrace sisterhood, lets show
love and care to each other, lets genuinely care&respect  one another, helps
 endeavor to see ourselves as one and look out for one another
. God bless you as you do


  1. I love you, Jibbyks. I truly really do. :)

    1. yipeee! i love you too plenty lovely Amaka media, tanks for stopping by dear.

  2. Uhhhhh tell me bout it mami.... Sucks right??

    1. it really does suck maami, i tink i will need to borrow your bazoka cos some women ain't loyal, tanks for stopping by mami, God bless your beautiful heart

    2. Hiya mami...I just got your comment eh....I looked through your profile and I couldn't get your can email me directly here ...I'll be waiting eh..

  3. Age old question. It is what it is hun. Woman palava

    1. tanks for stopping by dear, you re very welcome! God bless you and may God save us women

  4. I read somehere that when you show your friend the place where your bread is baked she will still the bakery. (Can't remember but very funny statement).
    I agree with you jibbyks.

    1. oh! trendy Gloria that i true, Tanks for stopping by dear, God bless you!

  5. See I have given up on the woman to woman beef. It will never go away lol. We can only try to manage it

  6. Well said sis, well said.

  7. Women are too full of hate for each other. Its only God that would help us all.

    Nice read

  8. Love yourselves wishes!


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