Wednesday, April 22, 2015


  Hello my beautiful besties, yes! *bats eyelashes*, you all are my besties because
 i feel blessed sharing my thoughts with you guys. so today on inspiration Wednesday
 we want to talk about failure, a lot of us are afraid of failure but i don't know if
 you have heard that Life is a risk, Never be afraid to Fail, the fear of failure often
 blindfolds us and it scares us from trying out new things,for example i have
considered opening this blog since last year but the fear of who will read my post?
 how will i be able to finance internet connections and all sort stopped me for like
 5 months, but since i have started it has been all joy thanks to you all but sometimes
 we need to fail before we can succeed.
  For example lets talk about BILL GATES, the richest man in the world and
owner of Microsoft

Net Worth $72,700,000,000
Before being the richest person in the world and owning Xanadu 2.0
 (the ‘Bill Gates House’), a computerized residence with real-time
adjustable temperature, music and lightening for each pin-wearing guest,
 Bill Gates was a failing entrepreneur.

The Failure

His first company was Traf-O-Data,
The company’s product was the Traf-O-Data 8008, a device which
could read traffic tapes and process the data. They first tried to sell the
 processing service to the local County, but their first demo failed
 because the machine ‘didn’t work’, recalled Gates.

The Lesson

His partner, Paull Allen, summarised the experience for exactly what it was:
 ‘Even though Traf-O-Data wasn’t a roaring success, it was seminal in
 preparing us to make Microsoft’s first product a couple of years later’
And happily, that’s exactly what they did. They kept on going and Microsoft
 became the largest personal-computer software company in the world. But it’s
 still nice to know that even the richest philanthropist in the world can make
 business blunders.

  Abraham Lincoln failed all his classes in high school except drama, but today he
 is one of the greatest people in the World because he didn't capitalize on his
failures but he used it as a stepping stone for his success

 Sometimes failing helps us re-evaluate and strategise well, it goes to show that if
 you try harder or make some changes, you will surely suceed, Never be afraid
 to fail because failure is feedback .


  1. Good write up.

  2. Well said and on point! We learn from our Failures and those of others! No risk no Reward ...

    Love your posts because you make us Think! ;)

    Thank you, Ayanbajo! Have a Positive Day! :)

    OAN Hope you were given the opportunity to register *in my Prayers*

  3. Oh Mami....I stopped looking at Failure yes! I agree with this piece...

    Tibs Tells Tales


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