Friday, May 1, 2015


Hello lovely people, Good day! how did the holiday go today? well for me there
 was no holiday as i have been working since morning, anyways happy new month peeps,
 and thanks for been a part of life's diary,thanks for always stopping by this space and
 for all your lovely comments, God bless ya all plenty plenty, happy birthday month to
 all May born, we are sure going to celebrate together

 This new month it is my earnest desire that the Lord will bless you and your family,
 he will meet you at the point of your heart desires and you and your family shall not
 lack anything good In Jesus name,

 For me am expectant of greater blessings and promotions this month, and am
expecting my masters interview to go well too this month  by God's grace, what
 are your expectations for the month of May? Do share with us, thanks once again
 and have a lovely month ahead .


  1. Amen happy new month to you too.

  2. Thanks dear. HNM to u too

  3. Thrilled to hear you have an interview *fingers crossed* ;) Hope your's and Everyone's Day was Delightful!

    Expectations? To give Thanks for the Blessings received, for those to come, Pray that God make a way for others Share. Work, Learn, be more Productive and try to Improve upon self ... easier said than done ;) lol

    Be Well and remember Today is a Good Day to Have a Good Day! :)

  4. Welcome To My Month........ Dancing Shoki,.......... Ha Shoki......

  5. Happy new month

  6. Have a great month!


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