Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Genotype issue

Hello dearest LD Fam, how are you doing today, well am glad 
its another beautiful day, and guess what? the lord has been good
 to me, this month has been amazing so far, am happy about that.
 Well i really wish today's post will be interactive because its a 
very important issue

Well there was this friend of mine long ago, who started dating this
 guy, and believe me there love seem perfect, though in every
 relationship there are ups and downs, but this two always disagree
 to agree,i think the guy at some point the guy went for tests in

 the hospital and then he did genotype test, lo and behold, bobo
 na AS, so he now told the girl friend to go for genotype test too,
 so to cut the story short, they discovered that they are both AS,
 believe me thats what lead to the end of their love story, they
didn't fight o, they dated for about 4-5 years and the love was
 waxing stronger but they both just have to let go because of their future

 My dad once told me the story of her sister, very brilliant and beautiful,
 but she died young because she was AS, that was due to their parent's
 ignorance, but it got me thinking imagine this scenario that i have been
 dating this guy for 5 years and then we had started wedding preparation,
 so during church counsellings pastor said we should go and bring genotype
 test result and it turned out that we are both AS, will i be able to let go???
 i know i might let go eventually but the hurt will be there forever

 which brings me to where am going, a lot of us don't even know how
 genotype, i am guilty too though, but i believe as mum is AA and dad
 is AA so i am AA too, at least if i use the little biology i was thought in
 secondary school, well i believe the earlier the better, if you meet anyone
 and you are convinced you both are in love, why not let the genotype be
 part of the first issues you guys will discuss before the love now becomes
 so strong that you find it difficult to let go? I know some people will say
 there are now drugs and advanced technology for the survival of SS but
 we i know we can't take chances, as we are not God, the pain and agony
 will always be there, well thats my opinion sha,
 whats yours? lets talk in the comment section.


  1. I can't date an AS if am AS its not just great. Preventing is better than cure.

  2. The best thing is to always find out your Genotype early in relationship so as to avoid stories that touch.

  3. For me genotype is important because if anything goes wrong the love will go sour

  4. hmmmmmm I think it;s time I started asking question oooo........ Thanks for sharing

  5. This is a crios issue oo..God will help us cos its not easy


  6. No one should toy with their future children's future. So check ur genotype early. Simple.
    It should be among the first questions dat u should ask in a relationship, to be aware on time.


  7. Still don't know mine *covers face*. But will definitely check when relationship gets serious.


  8. This genotype thing is really serious. No one should bring a child to this world to suffer. Except you both have decided to not have kids

  9. Lucky me I am team AA, even before meeting my man,I had already know my genotype. It's advisable we should all know it and we should take risk because of love, when love fades you will regret taking that silly risk.


  10. Should not take risk *


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