Sunday, May 10, 2015

Faith without works is Dead

 Hello my lovely sweethearts, today am feeling very lazy, i guess am going
 to be home all day, may God help me, happy Sunday my people and do 
have a lovely day ahead.

  Today we are going to be talking about Faith and Works, Faith is one of
 the Christian principles that is so dear to my heart, as many times i have used
 it and it has worked for me, but then i feel some people have a misconception
about faith, yes, i know faith is believing the unbelievable but how do you have
 faith that something will happen without working towards it?

 One of the things I learnt from my pastor While i was serving is that there is
 Reasoning in faith, its reasoning that makes you read even when you have faith
 you will pass an exam and that is works, do you just have faith you will pass an
 exam and not read? as much as i remember such faith don't work,here is a simple
 illustration i read somewhere,When the plant is dead, it can neither produce
flowers or fruits to eat. When the plant is alive and healthy, it produces something,
 so, as the body without Spirit is dead, so also is faith without works dead

  Are you blindly practicing faith? or are you just sitting there and saying you
 have faith and you are not working towards anything, my dear the principle
of faith does not work that way, heaven helps those who help themselves,
 make conscious effort towards what you have faith in and you will reap
the fruit of faith, do have a lovely week ahead people


  1. Great write up Mother In The Lord.... lol

    Happy Mothers day

  2. Of course faith without works is dead.

  3. You have an amazing blog! May I follow you?
    FB Page:

  4. Indeed dear. Really inspiring. Blessed Sunday to u too.

  5. Nice for u to post this vos mostbof us misconcept the whole ideas of faith and works...

  6. I remember the book of James talks about faith without work. It used to be my best verse in the bible during university days, lolz

  7. I agree completely.
    Faith + work = Sucess

  8. So it is, you're right on point.

  9. So it is, you're right on point.


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