Thursday, May 21, 2015


YAAY!!!! hello dearest LD fam, am so excited today, today is someone
 dearest to me's birthday, yes today is my blog mentor's birthday, when
 you talk of beauty with brain , yes thats her, today is Ugo Patience Ukam
 of the beautiful eagle blog's birthday. *drumrolls*

she was the first person that knew of the pregnancy of this blog and 
she helped me grow it with love, she truly has a very beautiful heart 
like her face, God bless you Ugo

She is one of the few people have met and that have left a positive impact in
 me, yeah as she says on her profile, she is beautiful inside out, she is also one
 of the people that made my service year exciting to remember, well LD fam,
 you how how we do it, lets show ugo some love, lets wish her a
 happy birthday and say a word of prayer for her,
 For me am wishing her a very happy birthday and i pray that
 the Lord will keep her and continue to lead her towards being
 the woman of virtue she longs to
 become, may God grant all her heart desires and make her look back
 at this days with a smile on her face In Jesus Name.


  1. Amen.... Wish you all the best in life IJN.

  2. Happy birthday gal we wish you all the best
    She's pretty can we get married tomorrow Ugo ..I have a farm an a house near it beside the river....we gonna be like centuries.and lovers will just mimick and play our style....u know what I mean *winks*

    Jibbyks just don't tell me she's taken ooo I ain't taking it. ..

  3. Many happy returns Ugo, and may your days be longer than you could even imagine. HIP! HIP!! HIP!!! HURRAY!

  4. Happy birthday my name sake. God bless your new age.

  5. Happy cakeday, continue to grow in wisdom

  6. Ugo, you are one of the Sweetest Souls I know! You picked me up when I was down thru your blog! It's been a Wonderful few years that we have known each other via "The Beautiful Eagle" Thank You! Left a Happy Birthday message on your Facebook page ...and again ...

    *****HAPPY BIRTHDAY*****
    My Prayers, Thoughts and Wishes are with You Every Day of the Year! ;) God Bless You my Dear Friend! :)

  7. awwww, thank you so much dearies, may you be celebrated always.
    thank you for making my day beautiful.
    lots of love:)

  8. Happy birthday dear. Wishing you blessings upon blessings upon blessings

  9. Happy birthday Pat...There always something about people that bear the name 'Patience'; they r all beautiful. **winks** Wishing you more beautiful years to come.

  10. happy birthday, we at Brave Heart celebrate you

  11. Awww. Happy birthday to her. More people like this are needed in the society.thank God you appreciate her. Happy birthday in arrears Ugo.... God' s favour now and always.

  12. Awww happy birthday to her..wllnp..


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