Sunday, May 3, 2015


Hello,lovely people, Happy Sunday,  how are you doing??? am excited about this
 month of May, i don't know the reason, but i just feel good about this month and
again am so thankful for life, and for how God has been working wonders.

  Yes today is Immanuel Mavins birthday, he is a fellow blogger and a blog boo
 too, he blogs here, we at Life's diary are saying a very happy birthday to him,
may the lord bless and prosper his ways and may favor and mercy follow him
always,Age with grace dear and do send our cake to my mail, guess what people
Mavins is beautiful miss Genevieve Nnaji's  birthday mate, Happy birthday to her too
see the face behind that awesome blog

  And to my random thought, some times when we humans are in need of something
 and we turn to God to help us with it, but because he is an all knowing God, he
 might give us the thing right away or delay it a bit,  to do it at the best time for us,
 but because we are humans we get very impatient fast, and some people can be
very worst in their waiting time that they do what they are not suppose to do and
 there by lose that favour and blessing God has in stock for them
 Lemme say a short story to back this up, there was a certain man living in my
area while i was going to secondary school, i can remember that this man use to
 be very poor that, he has to push his bike every morning before the bike could
work so that he will use it to carry people and earn small money, av known him
to be like this for years, but later within one month this man bought two cars, i was
 surprised because i was not sure he even had a job, and then he established a shop
 for his wife outside there house, this man would put his Gen on every morning from
 afternoon till night, he was living in great affluence but 6 months after, his wife died
and the wife's family were like the man used the wife as the source of his wealth but
 not long the cries died down and life continued for this man, he married another wife,
 but dearly beloved this man died too barely 5 months after his wife, and guess what
 as rich as he was no kobo was found in his accounts when he died, the family members
 were begging from people in the area so that they can transport him to his village,
twas that bad, so it came to my mind that if God didn't want this man to be rich,
whatever he did wud not have worked out, i just believe that he was not patient
enough to receive the blessings, so it cost him his life, it is only God that maketh a
 man rich without sorrow, what do you think?


  1. Happy birthday Immanuel, God bless you real good

  2. Hbd dear.
    I agree with u, only God maketh u rich without headache but book of impatience, we humans jump into trouble ourselves. May God help us. Amen.

  3. Emma happy birthday day and many more returns ...

  4. Happy bornday to our blog boo
    We need to wait for our time, in due season it will manifest. God has not forgotten any body, he knows what we are going through.


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