Monday, May 4, 2015


Hello lovely people, Good morning, happy, Yesterday made this blog's two months Anniversary, i totally forgot, but here i am now, saying thank you to everyone that has ever stopped by, thanks so much, for all your awesome comments and your prayers, am saying a special thanks to Cherri, mhen she is amazing in every sense of it, the massive, support,prayers and encouragement and getting from her hen, May God reward her abundantly for me, well, well, well, am not in support of Abortion, but what do all these rescued women from Boko haram that are pregnant do, i even dread the though of them birthing those children,i prefer they abort the children jawe, May God help them

Before the advent of mobile phones in Nigeria, my dad gisted me that they use to use letters as means of communication, if i want to say something to my friend in ibadan and i am in lagos, i will have to write a letter and take it to the post office and it might even take days before the letter reaches my friend, while in some cases they don't even get the letter at all, or another method they use is some rich people have this table telephone powered by Nitel then,

 so people gather in such places and take turns to call their loved ones, but for people who don't  have this opportunity, they travel down to check on their loved ones,very stressful right??

But thankfully in the early 2000s, mobile phones came to Nigeria, and since then life has been a lot more easier, i could be in my room and call my friend in the next room,people could reach out to their loved ones just by calling them but this mobile phones, have somehow replaced physical interactions, for example a young man in Lagos will just buy a mobile phone for his mother in the village, he will just be calling to check on her,instead of visiting to know what is going on,as i believe seeing is still the best, whereas before the advent of phones, he would naturally have visited her, then again technology moved to social networks, facebook, twitter, bbm e.t.c in fact i have friends that have not even called me in the past months no to talk of seeing me and we only chat on social media, when you ask someone when last did you hear from this person, that answer is oh, we spoke on facebook yesterday, i believe it should not be so, all this things are gradually taking over our relationships.

 Now the worst of it all is holding phone and chatting up and down in the house, when am cooking i am chatting too, when am washing cloth i am chatting too, and it is getting parents annoyed,they can't even send their child on an errand, the child is doing the chore and chatting at the same seriously? i am guilty of this too as sometimes my dad use to complain, he will be like does your phone ever rest?
Yes i know mobile phones and advanced technology has made life a lot more easier but then again it has helped people to be a little more relaxed in looking out for their friends and loved ones, it is gradually replacing physical relationship , which i don't quite like, whats your view on this issue, holla at the comment section and lets talk.....


  1. Lol even my mom that used to be old school has been bitten by this mobile phone bug. She's addicted to the Internet now. Nawa

  2. Uhhhh I am a gadget freak! I can't go without my phones....I got lots of things I gotta handle soooooooo my phones found a way to become my besties...**covers face**

  3. First those girls Need our Prayers! We leave it in Gods Hands but I feel what you mean about babies having babies Especially those Forced upon them! *tears*

    *Happy Anniversary*

    Why Thank you ever so Much for the Sweet Compliment you made my Week :D *blushing*

    As always a Great topic! Outside of God we have to accept there is a Pro and Con to everything on this earth.

    Pro. Phones, internet and social media play a huge part of our daily lives! Meeting Beautiful people such as yourself and many others are a Blessing! We would otherwise never know existed a Very Good thing!

    Con. By human nature we/I take the easy way out become lazy, so we message, call when a Smiling Face or a Helping Hand are what are most Needed! Especially by the elderly, disadvantaged, lonely and neglect the Pleasure of spending Relaxing time with Family and Friends!

    Our Paradox and my crazy philosophical ramblings ... sorry (gift of gab)

    That's why my smart phone stays in the office, I carry a old flip phone in case of emergency. Not old fashioned ... just can't work, talk and play with my crazy hours ... only go home, cook, clean ... on second thought maybe I should use it more often ... while Enjoying a long bubble bath ;)

    Thanks again! God Bless you and May your Day be as Amazing as you! :D

  4. Hellooo!!! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Nice blog you have here...I have to admit that the whole thing about gadgets is crazy. I am just as guilty as my blogboo miss tibs of everydaytibs *blows kiss to blogboo*...I am also a gadget freak and while out with my friends yday we had to make conscious effort to drop our gadgets, all 7 of us.

  5. This is more like from old the new but theses days Mobile phone usage is a new different kind of lifestyle

  6. The world has gone mobile. You shop online, you get medical advice online, etc. It's not that bad sha

    But physical relationship is so underrated nowadays.

  7. My mum said relationships used to be so much fun back in the letter days...i would love to experience something like that... everything has its pros and cons at the end of the day *winks*

  8. My best companion is my phone, I might not eat but if my battery is flat, I feel uneasy, until it's charged. That's to show you bad it is. Infact my hubby is jealous Infact Ave a new companion. Lolz in fact the phone bug has bitten my hubby too.


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