Friday, May 15, 2015


 Hello sweethearts, dearest LD fam, good morning, TGIF! mhen it been
 a long week and so many things have happened in the cause of this week,
 but above all, God has been faithful, *kneels down* tanks so much for
your love, care and prayers, i feel honored to be a part of this beautiful
 family of love, well as to the interview and exam, well, all turned out
 beautiful, shout out to all the ex Oouites in the house,
 *side eyes to lee boo*, oou delayed us for 1 hour 35 minutes, what
was scheduled for 10 started around 11:40 but they shocked me sha,
 No exam, no interview, you just enter show your credentials and the

man asks what's your name? who will sponsor you?....dats all, you
 don't call that an interview right? for me then just wan see our face,
 and i showed up with my beautiful face *lol*, i know i missed all the
 vibes on blogsville yesterday, but i ll quickly catch up.

 Today i want to talk about Horoscopes and Zodiac signs, well you
 know we all have our zodiac signs as in the pics above right, with the
 help of Astrology,we all have a sign depending on the date you are born
 e.g Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio e.t.c, well my birthday is
 January 6, so i kinda fell under Capricorn, well when i read about Capricorn,
 i found out that part of what i read was every thing about me but some
 instances are not so right, then i digged further and i read about my
 birth date gangan, January 6, mhen when i finished reading, i was
 screaming in my mind like yeah, thats me, then i proceeded and read
 about my le boo's own and lo and behold everything i read too was
 his personality,  while some people when they read theirs its the direct
 opposite of who they are in some cases.

 I was amazed, how can some people who call themselves astrologers
 just sit and predict people and its perfect like that? it use to amaze me,
well then i discovered that something thinks this Zodiac signs are spirit
 that control your life if you believe too much in them while some
Christian denominations don't believe in it because they believe it is
 against the ethics of their religion.

 Well  i know some people even read their daily Horoscope, so is not
 because you read that today you will be lucky, then you will go out of
 your way to gamble or take chances, or because your horoscope says
today you will find love, then anyone that comes your way that day is
 love, thats when you are allowing Horoscope to control your life,
which i believe is wrong

  So here is what i want us to do today, Drop your birthday date and your
 zodiac sign and lets know if you believe in Horoscope or not and if you ,
don't why, let's do this in the comment section fam, i know its going to be
 interesting, lemme go ist,
my birthday is January 6, i am # Team Capricorn#, well i don't see anything
 wrong in Horoscope, as long as you don't allow it to rule your life, Your turn....


  1. Yes, I do believe in Horoscope. My birthday is 2nd November.

  2. Yes, I do believe in Horoscope. My birthday is 2nd November.

  3. Me i dont believe in it maybe because i've not taken my time to study it well yet

  4. I used to believe in it oh and tbh I was a typical Leo. It's like the horoscope reader uses me as a case study. But I've outgrown it now sha

  5. Don't even know how that horoscope emerged and some people like me kinda believe in it ..

  6. Thank God The Exam Was Essy..... I don't even understand the grammar so I don't believe in it..

  7. Taurus here. Once upon a time I used to, but these days I don't follow horoscopes any more.

  8. Thankful it (kinda, sorta exam) went so Well! Waiting is ... well let's say I may not be the most patient girl but usually it turns good! Guess why patience is a Virtue!

    Short answer no. But they can are entertaining to read.

    Lets look past they aren't Profits ... they are written so generalized. I checked my birthdate and Family & Friends to play along (okay curious, nosey & nerdy enough to read a lot).

    Read any sign or date and at first glance we say yes that's me or my boo/bestie ... then depth we realize wait that isn't their personalities traits. Further you'll see most compatible & least likely, then look at the couples that are Happy but were listed as incompatible & vice versa and would anyone throw away Friendship b/c our horoscope said their sign isn't right for you?

    I know you don't take them too seriously ... besides what if it said don't leave home yesterday and you missed your opportunity? Some do take it that seriously ... time to shut up Cheri *talks to self*

    May God make a way for the remainder of your Education to go as smooth as yesterday! ;)

    Have a Beautiful Day! :D

  9. Wait oo,you want to do your masters in OOU? ??
    Why that school?
    Anyways my birthday is August 14, I don't really believe in Horoscope sometimes their predictions may be true or false, I have all fun when I read it sha.
    So I like it but it doesn't rule my life

  10. Bia Debbie...what happened to my comment? we go fight oo

  11. I don't believe in horoscope. Astrology deals with the aligning of the stars and, how that impacts the daily lives of men and women. This belief does not align with God’s promise of permissive will. It is not "christianly" to believe in them biko.

  12. To an extent tho'....I believe in my horoscope. As a scorpio, sometimes, it makes so much sense when your zodiac sign says something you never really could wrap your head around...

  13. I don't. Instead it makes people want to live their lives in line with what they have read..


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