Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Hello Fam, how is everyone doing this morning? do have a lovely day ahead,
 here is wishing everyone traveling to NYSC camp today a safe journey, do be
 careful and make sure to make friends as you are traveling it helps to kill anxiety
 and you get to be more informed, but above all shine your eyes ooo especially if
 you are going through Onitsha, my experience at Onitsha while i was going for my
Nysc was a bad one.

  Well,there is this brouhaha i have been reading on SDK about what men want,
some people are of the school of thought that men want independent women,
who have their own jobs and can take care of themselves while other people
 are of the school of thought that men want women that will depend on them
 because of their Ego. there have been many stories to back this two school of
 thought but if you ask me:

 No one likes to be burdened, No one wants a liability for a wife or Girlfriend,
 if a lady is too demanding, it diminishes the man's love and respect for the lady,
 spending your own money is the sweetest thing and it commands respect, so for
 some reasons i prefer to be miss independent but then again because of  the Ego
 men have, and because a man has to be responsible as the head, sometimes
you just have to leave some things for the men too to handle, yes, a lady has to
be independent, you have to have your source of income and pay your bills
 but a lady must not form MACHO, you must not be too independent if not
you will crush your man's Ego.
what's your Opinion on this? Miss independent or miss dependent??


  1. Miss independent of course... But some times when women are independent it gets into their head and they loose the respect. They have for the man especially those that earn more than their man ...

    Do come around my side ayabanjo ..I Google + u most times elitism6.blogspot.com

  2. liability Baby I sent Away....... lolz miss independent I love Great write up My Dear...

  3. Babes, I read it yesterday oo. Imagine a man cheating on his wifey bcos she is independent...thats crap na.

    Miss independent is best biko...I read somewhere that "A woman who doesnt ask for anything deserves everything".

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  4. Miss independent all the way mehn


  5. In an idealistic world we could give our independence up but ...

    This the Real world. As women we know who's paid less than men for the same career/job. Should he leave or pass who's going to pay the bills, take care of our Child/Children and who's the most likely to be remain with an Abusive man? The list continues ...

    If you Love a man that wants you to surrender common sense and all you have Worked for to depend on him ... Have a talk explain from point our view. A man that Loves you for who you are should Respect your concerns.

    There will be give and take in any relationship but your Financial Independence should be Imperative for a Bright future!

    Money can't assure the Happiness or Success of Marriage or anything ... But without worrying about money problems eases one of the Major Stresses in Life! #fact

    Thank you again Ayanbajo Ajibike as always Deep and Thought Provoking ... you make us Think! That's a Very Good Thing! ;)

    Much Love, be Well, Safe + Wishing an Excellent Day my Beautiful and Intelligent Sis! :)

  6. Miss independent for me. It amazed me how people still depend solely on another for existence.


  7. Miss Independent! Always have and always will be!

  8. Miss independent. . .I'm learning my way.

  9. Miss independent with class.



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