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30 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself And Be Happy With The World 1

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  Many people (including me) speak about “self-love”: figure yourself out,
 love yourself before you get into a relationship… and so it goes. However,
 you only truly obtain self-love by having compassion for the self, so you can
appreciate and do considerate deeds for others.

Along my path to learn about myself and work on my own self-love, I discovered
several major truths that still resonate with me and support my personal effort.
I am a constant work in progress, as most of us are. To help you gain more perspective and have a foundation on which to begin your journey of self-love, here are 30 truths to remember:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. People achieve success and fail at
 different rates.

2. You’re not as fat as you think. Besides, your body fat percentage has
 no bearing on what makes you a quality human being.

3. Exercise because it is good for your soul and not solely for your outward
experience. Appreciate your body and all the things it can do. Stop picking it
 apart — you will never achieve perfection.

4. Find something at which you excel. Maybe you are really amazing at working
with kids and you just don’t know it yet.

5. Spend more time with your girlfriends or guy friends. Relationships may come and
 go, but friends are forever — cherish that.

6. Spend time alone. It’s okay if you want to stay home on a Friday night, catch up
 on your DVR and eat froyo because you’ve had an exhausting workweek.

7. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read. In fact, read as many books as
 possible. Reading expands the imagination and sharpens the mind.

8. Spend time outside. Discover a new trail or a mountain to hike. Soak up the sun.

9. Take a lot of pictures. Take way too many and don’t forget to print them. Don’t let
 them just sit in your phone memory.

10. Let go of the past. Forgive the people who hurt you so that YOU can move on.
 Carrying around anger only poisons you.

11. Reunite with old friends from high school, college and your past in general.
 Let go of friendships that no longer serve you. People grow apart; it’s natural
and it’s okay.

12. Call your friends and family more often; don’t just follow them on social media.
 Remember when we used to have to call or meet up with people to hear their
 voices? That experience is so much richer.

13. Resolve the issues you might have with your family. Tell them you love them.
 Show up to family events and don’t have something better to do.

14. Take vitamins because you want to be the healthiest version of yourself.
Unless you want to be cranky and lethargic all day, make sure you get enough iron.

15. Treat yourself to something you want but don’t need. Whether it’s a fancy
designer purse you’ve been eyeing for years or a plane ticket to the destination
of your dreams, remember how fine the line between saving and living is. Toe it.
Source-Elite Daily


  1. I agree completely. It's a daily affair. I work in me every day. Thanks for sharing sweetie!

  2. These are great and practical tips on self improvement. Nice of you to share!

  3. These are useful tips, they make a whole Lotta sense

  4. Hmmmmm beautiful piece.

  5. Nice one dear. Thanks.

  6. Nice one jibbs...hoping to fulfill all these

  7. I agree with you mamacita...This particular one '. Stop comparing yourself to others. People achieve success and fail at different rates.'.....lots of people need to pay attention to this...

  8. Hiya babe, very lovely tips and inspiring post hun
    thanks for sharing this with us.

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    Dominica S.

  9. I totally agree, thanks for sharing

  10. I totally agree, thanks for sharing


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