Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy democracy day!!!

Hello my lovely LD fam, TGIF! Happy democracy day ! Well this is going to be a very short post , am excited that the very much anticipated May 29 handing over is here, power is definately going to change hands, if you know me well, you would know am a strong supporter of GEJ, because i know he has a good heart though i have come to understand that when it comes to leadership you have to be as hard as stone, which is where i think GEJ missed it, he was too soft, though with good intentions, well he was and is still someone i strogly admire.

For the new government, am expecting CHANGE!!! as the Nigerian youths were shouting before the elections, there were so many unrealistic things the nigerian youths believe like buying fuel for 40 naira per litre in the GMB administration, how is that possible??? well above all am expectant of good power supply and 60% eradication of unemployment, then am expectant of improved economy and exchange rate, what are you expectant of in the new GMB administration???
Congratulations to General Mohammed Buhari and his family
Long live Nigeria!


  1. Total overhaul.From infrastructure, to employment the list is countless.We'll see how things go.Just hope it will get better

  2. Job creation, constant power supply, salary increase,...............

  3. The things am most expecting to see! Are:
    - 1.dollar = 1.naira ($1 = ₦1),
    - 24-hrs power supply,
    - Petrol; ₦40.per.litre, and
    - many other tings the promised!

  4. I expect to see the end of the terrorist group called Boko Haram. It's one great thing Buhari will do for Nigerians that will linger in our minds. God bless Nigeria

  5. i pray he keeps to all his promises now that he has assumed office..

  6. amen@ glowy shoe prayer


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