Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Hello lovely people, good morning, i have so much of on my plate lately, but
 because i love this blog and you wonderful readers, i just have to squeeze out
time for the blog, thanks for all your wonderful comments on yesterday's post,
 i wish i could reply each and every of your comment but Nepa messed up again,
 i could not even do my blog round, if i have a one day chance to be the presiden
t of Nigeria, the first thing i would most definitely tackle is power supply, mhen its
 crazy, in my area now what they do is two days on and 5 days off, its really annoying
 because that two days sef na on and off, one i can't enjoy it,IBPHC really sucks!

 yeah its another Wednesday, and its another edition of inspiration Wednesday, you
know how we do this, every Wednesday we talk about something to better our life
 and inspire someone

  Today's post was inspired by what my principal in Secondary school use to say and
 what formed part of who i am today, while in secondary school, my principal use to
 make us chant this mantra

My Life is in my hand
 I am the Architect of my life

 It really didn't make any meaning to me then until while i was growing up, I am
 the architect of my life, i design my life anyhow i want it to be, likewise you! you
 are the architect of your life, whatever you are today you designed your life to be
 so, you can either change your design , re-draw your life or just continue to build
 up on who you are

 Through your decisions, your actions, where you go, who you are friends with,
and everything you do you are desiging your life, you are building who you want
 to be, why not just design your life the way you will love, the way that will give
you peace and rest, why not make smart decisions while designing your life, why
not take actions that will give your life the best structure, why make friends who
build you rather than who destroy you,why not put solid foundations and pillars in
place at the time when you are still strong???

Remember you are the architect of your life, you have the opportunity to still
 re-evaluate and re-draw your life at the time when you are strong, you can design
 your life to have rest of mind when you are old and feeble or you can design it
otherwise, who you are, what you are strongly depends on you, it depends on
how you design your life, but above all commit your ways to the master designer (GOD)


  1. lolz.... you can be our first female Presido na... haha

    I am the Architect of my life Thanks for sharing That...

  2. Never say Never right? You could be whatever you wanna be...hang on to that mami.....and yes! I am the architect of my life...I determine how it's gonna be...that's so true...

  3. This what I never stop saying. Our life is a sum total of our decisions. And these decisions are made based on the thoughts in our heart. When you guard your heart, you guard your life.

    Heart Rays

  4. Well said! Thanks for sharing.

  5. There is no short that's just the Fact ... It takes you

  6. Awesome dear. Thanks for this

  7. I am the architect of my life. I say what I want to my life. I have a choice to make my life.

  8. Yeah what ever happens in my life I take the sole responsibility.


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