Thursday, June 11, 2015


 Hello dearest LD Fam, good morning, well Thursdays are a reminder that Friday is close by right? and the weekend is close by, well for now am not always excited about weekends because i work everyday of the week except Sundays at times, but above all am thankful for unexplainable grace that is evident in my life and for all the amazing people in my life who make life worth living and you with that two eyes reading this , yes you, you are part of them, thank you so much for always stopping by to read, you don't know how important your coming here to read and leaving a comment is to me, God bless you all

 Today i want to talk of one thing that annoys me most on Nigerian roads, its the Horn, the Horn has been greatly abused by Nigerian Car users, i don't know if its like that in other parts of the world o, but am sure Cherri, mami Tibs and others can tell us if it is, but in this Nigeria part of the things Horns are used for are:

To say Hello
 when they see someone that they know on the road driving by, to say hello or greet the person, you just hear them blow their Horn pon pon annoying , am my dad does this attimes too

To call Passengers
All this commercial drivers are the most annoying, when they want to call passengers, they just blow the Horn anyhow

To make traffic lights change from green to red
instead of them to be calm and patient for the traffic lights to change, they would just start blowing their horn as if it can change the traffic light...smh...

To insult or cuss out someone
 when they are angry maybe about the way someone drove carelessly and they want to cuss the person out, they blow that horn to call the person's attention before dishing the insults...oloshi or whatever

To remind people of common sense in traffic
If you don't move your car fast in heavy traffic, the Horn is there to remind you to move fast or you will receive the insult of your life
 really funny reasons right??? But i know the people who live in Lagos can totally relate to this and then some people have horn that can make someone deaf in theirs cars yet they will still carelessly blow it, so before you blow that Horn next time, make sure you are using it right and not abusing the HORN,i know i didn't mention all but over to you, what do Nigerian drivers use Horn for that annoys you the most, and is this menance in the part of the world where you reside???


  1. Some annoyn youngsters blow their horns just to notify of their presense on the common in the north

  2. so true at glowy.

    some drivers to avoid traffic light they press the horn as if they are driving a hoarse.i didnt know when i shouted at one razz lagos driver,he was just blasting his horns

  3. Still tear up when thinking of Gods Grace ...

    Why Thank You so much and Please Know what a Blessing You are to us giving us your time and effort, things to think about and your Inspiration brings a Smile inside and out! :)

    Yep if road rage wasn't invented in the US, then we perfected it. People use. their horns for every purpose except what they were made for! Very Rude!
    One of the most Annoying is when a guy pulls up and honk for me to come out. They hear about it too, that's inconsiderate toward my neighbors and myself ... they'll hear about it. ;) lol

    Take Care and Have a Lovely Friday Sis :)

  4. Hahahaha....really? this is hilarious..especially the traffic light part...anyhoo, I can't remember the last time I used my horn mehn...its been months...I am not even sure I used it this year..

  5. Some people don't have any reason to blow the horn they just do it. Even in heavy traffic. Its terrible in its so bad now that they don't understand any other car sign apart from horn blowing. I wish something will be done. Unnecessary noise.


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