Saturday, June 20, 2015

Men spend more time Gossiping than women?

Hello LD fam, greetings to everyone, how is your weekend going? am sorry i went away for too long, blame it on epileptic power supply, how have been managing to keep my phone on is great miracle, i missed this space, i felt like a part of me was missing each day i don"t get to put a post up.
 On today's topic, I read something weird in the punch today, a certain study concluded that men spend more time Gossiping than women, how can that be?

 According to the said study, men are not just bigger gossips, they spend more time gossiping than women, the story says men are likely to expose the dirt about other people than women
 Male participants in the study pointed out that topics that usually dominate their discussions with their male colleagues or friends include women, female colleagues at work, especially the attractive ones, salaries and their sexual relationships while women participants said they were usually interested in other women, family issues, in laws and celebrities, not to bore you with long story.
Do you agree with this school of thought?


  1. Women gossip pass joor ..... Don't even go there it's in their nature ..... Men only discuss yes discuss ...we only discuss

  2. I don’t agree with this at all oooh!
    Women are always leading in the game of Gossips!

  3. Men of nowadays gossip more, they will even analyze every and turn it into an argument.

  4. Yes i agree with Bmf man of these days have A1 in gossiping.. Women are becoming too busy to have time for idle gist Jare..

  5. Agree men in the US talk constantly about us, sports, cars, sports, us, electronics, sports, movies, us, their plans, us, other guys, celebrities, news on TV, sports, TV programs, texting, on FB and login to g+ and they wanna message you, latest electronics and sports ...

    Seriously Idk how many sports channels there on 24/7/365 and this is what they talk about all day, plus watch how long it takes a guy to learn how to operate a new TV and remote control ...

    Not trying to offend anyone but I work in an office with more men than women.
    Thank Debbie and Have a Great Day :)

  6. I totally agree. Men tell each other everything and spend more time with each other than women do. They have taken the title from us

  7. I kinda agree with this study because I have many of them like that in my office. They gossip tirelessly

  8. Nah, I disagree with dis, sentiments aside, both sexes gossip. YES but dnt frgt dat u'l defntly defend ur sex dan d opposite... All in all, nice write_up...


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