Friday, June 5, 2015


  Hello LD fam, choi, this weather na die, its a cold and rainy day here, how is your side??, this is the kind of days i wish i could stab work and just be in door sleeping, but mhen you can't sleep too much when you are young, so that your Old Age won't suffer for it, well am sorry i have not been very regular  here, no am not lazy? and i didn't run out of ideas, its phcn or phc whatever, that company that is supplying power fore my area sha, na dem dey mess up, its really terrible mhen, and i wish Uncle Sai baba will do something about Power Supply in Nigeria Asap,enough of my whinning...

Well straight to the matter of this post, Someone needs our help in form of advice, Dear LD fam, this will go a long way in making someone better,so please just help with your honest Opinion,
 The question is, Is it betrayal to date your friend's EX, the poster wants to know if she can go ahead and date someone her friend once dated but they are not dating again??

well, if you ask me, i don't see anything wrong in it, since they are not dating anymore and both parties have moved on, i dn't even think you need your friend's consent on this issue, since they have broken up, thats my own opinion, whats your's???

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  1. If you are very close friends then it's not cool except you are ready to trade your friendship for it. Again the relationship has to be altar bound oo

  2. Naaaa to me its wrong cos if i wen you friends with someone,you are jst like sisters.. And you dating you friends ex is like two sisters who dated one guy which is crazy...if that ex has any respect for the other ex,he should move on to an outside person

  3. Thinking about feels sorta awkward you know, like you've been 'eyeing' your friend's partner all along.

    Well, these things happen with matters of the heart.
    Poster just be sure and follow you heart.

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  4. I don't see the wrong in it but it all depends on the motive sha

  5. Easier say than done...why my friend's ex? While there are thousands of fishes in the no no. Guys will always hurt their friends whenever they want to downgrade their ex girlfriend by saying stuff like " given out my used scrap to the less privileged is rewarding"....

  6. I dunno feels like if she is done with the dude for real then her friend can go right ahead...then again, dating your friend's ex - what's your friendship really bout if you think it's something you should be able to do......**shrugs** That's how I feel tho'..

  7. i think its wrong.cos if it works out well between you two,the affected friend might be jealous and you knoww women are not predictible


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