Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Inspiration Wednesday- The pencil motivation

 Hello lovely LD Fam, happy mid week, you know sometime last week i met someone who said something that really strucked me, the person said, i know one can not always lack forever, you cannot be poor forever, because their will be a point in your life when you will be bouyant, there will be an opportunity for you to be great and do ex[loits, the problem is just that some of us are always blind to our opportunities, so dearies always look out for your opportunity to be great Today on inspiration wednesday, lets look at the pencil motivation, read and be inspired;

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  1. Reminding me of wale adenuga series " we are nothing but pencils in the hands of the creator"
    Nice one jibbyks

  2. yes oo! we are nothing but pencil in the hand of the creator,i love tis post

  3. Thanks! Yesterday things were okay, but today a close friend (I thought) basically called me stupid in front of the world (well it felt like it) You might say I got sharpened, but good. lol :)

    With todays post you lifted me back up more than you know! Thank you again! Job Well Done :)

    Have a Wonderful Day :)

  4. Omggggg I love this. Saved every single picture. Love love love thank you sweetie

  5. Wow wow. Inspiration can't be better. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Oh mami...This is nice...I am starting to fall in love with your Wednesdays tradition....Tibs Likey!


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