Monday, March 23, 2015


Whoop! Whoop *dancing*...M so excited about today's post, hello everyone, how are you doing? How is the day going??? Well today's post was written by someone so dear to me and he asked me to share. But he likes to be anonymous, In the light of what is happening in Nigeria presently he was inspired to write this, Enjoy!
   This is the first time in the past years I feel the upcoming election is tensed. No candidate is certain of glory and I think citizens now have the mentality that they have the power from now till the election day.
Your Obligation is to vote your values and you don't owe anybody contrary to beliefs. Value your life and say no to violence and shedding of blood.
There are two things involved, either we continue with the present status of government or it is changed. Only God knows which one.
Vote who you know has the right values!
Don't sell your vote!
If you refuse to vote, then you've sold your right!
If you vote in the wrong person, then you've also sold your right
Make a choice with your PVC!


  1. Awesome read. Points very well stated; "Don't sell your vote." It's time to take away sentiments from choosing who to vote for.

    I wrote something related too >

  2. TAnks amaka, I read ur post, awesome write up and a great blog, I could nt comment cos I made use of my phone, but I will watch that space cos me like.

  3. YES. We should vote wisely. #voteyourvalues. good one dear.


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