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Hallo everyone, u guys are amazing mhen, the love have received from all my readers is what kips me going, thanks so much dearies, God bless  you guys abundantly, so this week has bin a less stressful one for me, cos av not bin going to work since yday cos i av to put some tins in place. i ll gist u guys later on it sha
So on the post today, we ll examine some mistakes we ladies make at our own detriment, get yourself a glass of juice as you read cos it going to be interesting
    Because you love him, he does nt know God or love God and you feel you would influence him to change later??he will not change, never tink you can change anyone bcos no one can except God, nd if a man does nt know God, he can never knw how to treat you right, a man without God is nothing, a man without God is a man any Lady can do without, because he is of no use and in the kingdom of God we don't cross bread 2corithians 6:14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?
   A preacher once said d way ladies and guys see sex is different, he said guys don't see any emotional attachment in sex, that is y a guy could have multiple sex partner and nt feel anything for any of them, dats y he could do anyone dat comes his way, dear ladies the fact that he is having sex with you does not mean he loves you, never use sex as a yardstick for love cos they don't always work together, see 2Samuel:13:1-22, Amnon loved Tamar so much that he fell ill but after he laid with her, the love turned to hatred, that is just a perfect example dat Sex is nt Love.
He is not married to you, you live with him, cook his meals, wash his clothes, clean his house and warm his bed and you complain he has engaged u for years with no sign of wedding yet, who will buy the cow if he gets to milk it for free????? I guess no one right, how can he marry you wen u are doing everything for him even before he marries you, there is virtually nothing new he ll look out for, so that's y he is delaying the wedding ring, stop giving him husband benefits and he ll do the right thing.
So because he has promised to marry you, you live your life for him, you just stop pursuing your dream, you shut frnds, relative that he does nt like out of your life, you love watever he loves and hate whatever he hates??? Common ladies it does nt work that way, you have to live for yourself,do what rocks your boat,pursue your dreams, get a life and he ll love you more.
He gets angry at every little thing and when he is angry, he could be violent like slap or hit you, nd you jes hang in there bcos you love him, he can drink for Africa, smoke 2packs of cigarette in a day, spend the weekend out with is guys and you fink wen he marries you he ll change, NO he won't, you have to run as fast as your leg can carry you, or you ll have to run later after marriage when he has broken one of your arm or when you wash his hangover vomits every night, DO NOT ignore the warnings  to save yourself a lot of stress later in life.
You are all over his is space, you call him every second, every minute, you want to know what nd where he is all the time, you want to knw who he talks with and why, all his friends must go through your scrutiny, yoy snoop in his cell phones and Social sites and you don't just give him breathing space.... NO, Being excessively over protected is a total TURN OFF, give him breathing space, let him live his life while you live yours,if he loves you he won't be doing what he knws you don't like and if you love him, trust him.
I don't have a choice???
You do have many choices, it just takes patience, never think you don't have a choice and therefore settle for less than what you deserve.
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  1. GIVING BOYFRIEND HUSBAND BENEFIT ------------ **dies laughing** Are you kidding?....this is the most expensive mistake mehn!...hehe.... Thought to drop by today mami...Thank you so much for all your support! Mi like!

  2. Some can look like he loves God but really does not..........i'm guilty of one or two here.
    The Beautiful eagle


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