Thursday, July 9, 2015

5 simple ways to make you and your partner stay in love

  Hello LD readers, thanks so much for the love and encouragement on yesterday's post, i feel blessed and honured to be on blogsville, God bless you all, i feel way better and refreshed all thanks to you all.

 Do you know you can be in a relationship or marriage and not be in love??? Do you even know that love is like a garden, if not tended to or taken care of and watered, it could become ugly and the beauty could die? Have you ever wondered why two people who were in love turned out not liking eachother again? Well the answer is Love needs constant nuturing and oiling and greasing for the fame to continue to burn, often times because we have been with our partner for long either in relationship or marriage, we tend to let our guards down and we don"t remember to do simple things that flames love again, here are the 5 things you can do to make the flames of your love keep burning for long

  Always be at you best: This is for both gender, step up your game, Look good always, you know the level of your spouse, don't dress below that, be presentable, let them be always proud to show you off to their friends and co-workers stay in shape and know what suits your body, smell nice and i believe we all know what how spouse likes us to dress, do not look shabby and disfigured because you have been together for long, keep doing the things you do before that attracts them to you.

Be Romantic: Do not let the fire of romance die,keep the little romantic gestures (e.g little thoughtful gifts, compliments, suprises and show of Affection like holding hands, sitting close and text messages) going from time to time even in the face of anything' going on in your different lives is necessary for the healthy growth of love.

Spend Time together: make out time to be together, every loving relationship needs dedicated time to grow and be the best it can be, spending quality time enjoying eachother's company, going out on dates, talking and listening to eachother's  challenges and encouraging eachother create memories that last long and keep the flames of love burning

Give eachother Space: as much as you must spend time together, you must give eachother space too, a healthy relationship needs space to allow eachother's individualities and identities to flourish, give room to miss eachother, so that when you are together you can maximise been together, each partner should live their lives, Go out, take time to be around other people, do your favourite sports e.t.c so that when you are together, you appreciate eachother more.

Don't Nag: Nagging seems almost h'armless, however it can kill a healthy relationship when done excessively and can even lead to resentment, if there are things that annoys you about your partner's behavior, try to dialogue maturedly when you both are relaxed

+1 Pray together: A couple that prays together, stays together'


  1. Don't nag very very important ...nagging annoys me a lot...

  2. Hiya babe, amazing tips lovely post
    im glad im in a verygood relationship :P got engaged in february
    lol sorry i have to spread the news everywhere i go loooool x
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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  3. That seems like a practical step in the right direction. Great of you to share.

  4. I cant stand naggers seriously...Have you met guys who nag more than gurls??? my God! you will marvel. Great post Debbie!!!

  5. Ok. I've heard. Lol. Thank you, sweetie.

    Sometimes I dunno what exactly works. One could try all these any yet. ... they still leave. What is meant to be is going to be, I guess.

  6. Be at your best and looking good always is very important. its just so annoying seeing some young married women appearing like they are 60. They only gave birth to one or two kids at most but they've lost that special good looking that attracted their men at a start. thanks for the post.

    Uthman Saheed's blog

  7. i agree with you,but it doesnt guaranty a happy home.whatever will be will be

  8. Men hates nagging and love romance.. Beautiful write up as usual dear and thanks for sharing.

  9. Thrilled you're feeling Better Debbie :) Now stay that way LOL ;)

    Agree if it is meant to be! Practice each of these and Remind yourself occasionally and Always Remember +1 daily ;)

    Also when it comes to +1 we should/must Pray Honestly not selfishly and ask God to open the doors between us if it is His Will or close them between us if it is not His Will ... *just my opinion* However if y'all only knew ... confession I have a terrible habit of breaking my own rules often enough :)

    Take Care, Be Well and Have a Splendid Day :)

  10. Great tips, especially the nagging aspect. Drives me nuts.

  11. Praying together is perhaps the must important. But how many really do that?

  12. Prayer is the key. People who nag are numb-minded.

  13. So all the point which as you mention i am totally agreed.
    Thanks for your kind information.


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